Black Market

Contest finished

The results of the Black Market contest have been drawn.

All the contestants were asked to use their imagination and draw a ‘Black Market’ faction combatant as well as provide their vision of the faction’s background history.

The results have now been drawn and we are happy to announce the prize-winners:

Dig Gil

Míra Drahoš and Jerry

The winners are granted access to early testing of Survarium.

Those interested in checking out all the contest entries, follow this link::

Contest description and rules

What we require is for each contestant to enter both a drawing (of what they expect the Black Market Faction to look like) and brief background history of the faction, why they exist, what their purpose is etc.

Now, we know you can’t possibly know these details exactly, but we are looking for the closest ‘match’ the true details of... the faction. We will choose the Top 3 (who get the closest to take part in a preliminary game test of Survarium.

Entry Details:

Email your drawing & faction history to joe(at)
Entries received will be added to a folder on our facebook page.
Entries will be accepted up until the day we release the next developer diary video.