Fragmovie Contest!

Contest finished

A real survivor in Survarium is a fighter with lots of experience; he’s got strong spirit and body, he’s brave and hardy. It doesn’t matter what weapon he’s holding - in any battle he’ll be able to stand up for himself and hit any target.

Do you consider yourself to be such a fighter? Prove it, then!

Make's a video on Survarium in the genre of "fragmovie", with a demonstration of your skills in the killing enemies, add some music to it, and share it with us!

You have to work very hard to qualitatively and spectacularly edit the video. Your victory will depend on it. Please, put all your efforts to it - simple videos with random firing will unlikely have a chance of success.

It is permitted to use video effects and replays, especially if you want to capture killing enemies with different positions of the camera. Also it’ll be great if your video has plot (for example, confrontation of the Renaissance Army soldier with the Fringe Settler, or a Scavenger’s raid to the lair of the Black Market – use your imagination).


  • Upload your video to Youtube with header "Survarium: Fragmovie Contest – your nick in the game";
  • Post it in the forum thread;
  • In the very beginning of the video, add slide Survarium: Fragmovie Contest";
  • One participant - one video;
  • Video length: 1-3 minutes;
  • Other people's videos and clips posted before the announcement of the contest are not eligible to participate;
  • It is forbidden to use fragments of video and replays captured by other players;
  • Video must not violate the forum rules of Survarium;
  • contest period – from February 11 to March 4.


After receiving of all the videos we will select five winners, each of tyhem will receive a month of premium in Survarium. In addition, the authors of the two best selected videos will become owners of the branded Survarium bags!

The Fragmovie Contest has come to an end and it was a great success! Players presented a variety ofworks with spectacular killings of enemies, montage and soundtrack.

We were happy to see really high quality videos. It’s high time we reward them!

These contestants in addition to the premium account get special Survarium bags:

The following contestants will receive Premium accounts for a period of one month:

Congratulations to the winners! Contact us by e-mail to receive your prizes. In the subject line please write "Winner of Fragmovie Contest".

Thank you all for participating! See you in future contests!