Sniper Pack Contest

Sniper Pack Contest
Contest finished

Win one of three Sniper Packs: Valued at $49.99!

For the next 8 days, until 20 June 2015 at 17:00 GMT+3, we will be holding a contest exclusive to our community. Where you stand a chance of winning an awesome Sniper Pack! What we require from you is the following: Send us a screenshot of your post game statistics/scorecard with you having won the "Best Player" medal. Simple right?

Send your entry to – use the subject "Sniper Pack Contest" and please include your Screenshot, username and the country you are from.

NOTE: The three winners will be selected randomly from all those who qualify with a valid entry and will be announced on Facebook as well as notified privately via email.

Sniper Pack details

If your style is eliminating opponents at a distance then this Sniper Pack is exactly what you need! We made sure to include high-profile gear to allow you compete in the top-rank battles in Survarium. Let your new motto be: one shot – one kill!


Unique VSS Vintorez

A legendary sniper rifle. Developed back in USSR times, Vintorez is still valued for its quality and used widely on Survarium battlefield.

Bonuses of this unique item include:
+25% Silver (in-game currency)
-10% Aiming time
+25% Reliability

Unique Molot UM-2A Vest

Massive armored vest with high protection against firearms. Its designers applied numerous hand-cast components to ensure outstanding item qualities.

Bonuses of this unique item include:
+2 Ammo pouches
+10% Experience gained
  +10% Reputation points (The Renaissance Army faction)

Unique Molot UM-2A Pants

Restoration of the materiel and technical base allowed The Renaissance Army to significantly refine the effectiveness of military equipment. These armored pants are yet another achievement. 

Bonuses of this unique item include:
+1 Ammo pouch
+10% Experience gained
+10% Reputation points (The Renaissance Army faction)

7 Days Premium

Advance your character. Gain extra experience, silver, faction reputation etc.

Bonuses of this item include:
+50% Silver
+50% Reputation
+50% Experience
+1 Additional Equipment Profile

500 in-game Gold

Use this Premium Currency to purchase unique camouflage and decals giving you that extra bit of customization not available to those using only silver. National flags, coats of arms and military insignia are all available and ready to be placed on your Survivor.

Exclusive Deer Hunter Decal

Place it anywhere on your character's armor or pants

Contest results

After receiving an overwhelming number of entries we have chosen the three lucky individuals who have each won a Sniper Pack which are (apart from this contest) only available on Steam.


  • Janis_TargeT
  • -Sikzo-
  • Hadou

Congratulations to the winners! We look forward to holding more contests in the future. So keep your eyes open!