Survarium coub contest

Contest finished

Recently Internet was embraced by a popular phenomenon called "coub". Coub is a short looped video. We offer you to create your own coub based on Survarium gameplay. Make it funny or serious, it’s your choice! In addition, you can use any background music in your video.

We have prepared the following prizes for the authors of the best coubs:

  • I place — Survarium T-shirt, access to the Closed Beta Test and 2000 units of Gold;
  • II place — Survarium T-shirt, access to the Closed Beta Test and 1500 units of Gold;
  • III place — Survarium T-shirt, access to the Closed Beta Test and 500 units of Gold;
  • IV place — Access to the Closed Beta Test and 300 units of Gold;
  • V place — Access to the Closed Beta Test and 100 units of Gold.

The finalists' coubs will appear on the official Survarium coub-channel!

Learn how to make a coub.

The maximum size of an uploaded file — 200 MB and 10 minutes, the maximum length of YouTube or Vimeo videos — 10 minutes. You may want to use reverse (this option is to the right of “cancel/revert changes” buttons).

When you’re sure your coub is finished, give it a name, add "This is SURVARIUM (" to it and make sure to include #survarium hashtag.

Leave a link to your coub in the corresponding section of the official Survarium forum.

The contest will be held from August 12 to 26, 2014.

The winners will be chosen by a jury represented by the PR Department of Vostok Games and the official Survarium forum administration. The number of likes that your video gathers will also matter.

We wish good luck to all the participants!

Contest results

Survarium coub contest has come to an end. We previously announced that five winners would get the prizes, but you send us a lot more interesting coubs than we expected. Taking this into account the jury has decided to place two people in each place.

So here they are

V place

Yuri Gusev, Vadim Simbuhov. Each of them gets 100 Gold.

Yuri Gusev

Vadim Simbuhov

IV place

Silent Joker Doroonga, Samson Shpil. Each of them gets 300 Gold.

Silent Joker Doroonga

Samson Shpil

III place

CLOCKWORK, Guerrero. Survarim t-shirt and 500 Gold.



II place

Amon, Evgeny Aksyonov. Survarium t-shirt 1,500 Gold.


Evgeny Aksyonov

I place

Finally, I place: sentuivir, D Palmer. Survarium t-shirt and 2000 Gold!


D Palmer

To claim their prize, the winners should send us an email to marked "Winner of the coub contest".