Survarium Music Contest

Музыкальный конкурс по Survarium
Contest finished

As Hans Christian Andersen once said "where words fail, music speaks". We are glad to encourage you to add your musical input to Survarium project thanks to our new contest today! Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to get your own track into the official music album of Survarium!

The contest is held in two nominations:

1. ""Survarium Main Theme Cover". Hereby, your own version of the game’s main theme where you can use the same tune or its parts, but in different arrangement and/or style. For reference, check the official variation of the main theme and a cover by FireLake.

2. "Track for Survarium". Your own music track which you feel would fit perfectly the universe of our project.
We do not impose any limitations in terms of genre and style of your music, so as the track length and the number of submissions per person. You can apply to any of the two nominations or both. However, the copyrights transparency is an important condition: use of music and audio assets which you have no rights to are prohibited in the contest. By sending music to the contest you guarantee the tracks are free from any third party claims and you are the sole owner of the copyrights.

In order to submit your track, please follow these steps:

Step 1. Upload the file to your account on SoundCloud, make sure the title contains "Survarium Music Contest" and the file description mentions the nomination you participate in as well as the project web-site link (for example, "Survarium Main Theme Cover.").
Step 2. Email the track link (URL) to with the letter title of "Survarium MusicContest". Don’t forget to mention your full name as the music author.

The contest is held from August 28 till November 28, 2014.

After the preliminary audition your track will be added to the contest playlist on the official Survarium channel.

The developers of Vostok Games will review the submissions and choose the winners of the contest.
These lucky ones will be invited to the official Survarium Soundtrack Vol. 2!

On top of that, we provide for the 'Listeners’ Choice' nomination for the tracks to have collected most listens and likes.

The music album aside, all the finalists will be provided with unique in-game 'Musician' decal for their character and the in-game 'gold'.

Good luck to all the contest participants!


Survarium Music Montest is finished.

The main winner of branded headphones Sennheiser HD 380 Pro is Ray Kosmick with his own cover version of the Survarium main theme. which is presented by the author in two versions!

We’d also like to note the tracks from the following contestants:

Cover version of the Survarium main theme

DanFortesq, Andrey Rodriguez, FHTE, Ivan Blinov, Eliseev Mihail, Rustycore.

Cover version of the Survarium main theme

Track for Survarium

Lonely Vinnie, Alexander Fokshtein, Cryotronik, MMX OverDrive, Light-D, pepel, Ray Kosmick, Ancient Mind, JoyzNoiz, Francesco Rugerfred Sedda, Nikita Vishnyakov, user307406556, Victor Dudkevych, Ivan Blinov, Ville Huovila, Sebastian Waleyko, Cyrill Minaev, Crashtea, Koshen, Smerch, WoRG, Xaitosin, Wolfshark.

Track for Survarium

The finalists receive 1000 Gold each, and a unique decal "Musician", which will be added with the next update.

For prizes, please, write to our e-mailbox with "Winner of Survarium Musical Contest" in the subject line.

We congratulate the winners and thank everyone for participating in the contest!