General questions

Q: What does "Survarium" mean?
A: Survarium is a survival zone.
Q: What kind of game is it?
A: Survarium is a free2play online shooter, which is set in the near future on Earth. The game is distributed free of charge via the Internet. Players need to download the game client and install it on their computers.
Q:Where can I look up the history of Survarium updates?
A: Check out the Update History section containing the list of changes and new featutes in all the game updates starting from 0.30.
Q: Why have you decided to create an online game?
A: This is a modern format of games with a number of advantages: adding content and the development process are easier, protection against piracy and developers directly communicate with the audience, which positively affects the development of the game.
Q: How do I start playing?
A: You need to download Survarium and install the game client.
Before the first battle, we recommend you to check out video guides on YouTube.
Q: I have some ideas for the game, how can I deliver them to the developers?
A: The best way to do this on the official forum of the project in the section "Ideas and proposals"
There you will be able to discuss them with other players, learn more about their suggestions and make sure that our specialists know about them.
Q: Are there Survarium communities on social networking websites?
A: Yes, we have an official page of the game in all of the most popular social networking websites:
Q: Do you support Survarium fan sites?
A: We always welcome any attention to the world of Survarium and are ready to support and encourage projects that are aimed at its promotion.
The most popular fan sites from all around the world are listed on the Community page. If you have a fan-site and would like it to appear on this list, please contact our Customer Support.
Q: What will I get after buying Gold or Premium?
A: Gold does not affect the game balance, but let's you level up your character faster. Also with gold you can buy unique cosmetic items and decals for your character. Moreover, you can purchase a Premium account and gain 50% more experience, reputation, and silver. You can find more information in the Survarium online shop.
Q: How can I contact the developers?
A: If you have any questions on Survarium project, you can make a request to our Customer Support team. The most frequently asked questions are covered in the Knowledge Base and on the forum Using the "Advanced search" option, you will easily be able to find whether your question was discussed earlier. Make sure to follow Developer Answers and Feedback section on the forum.
Q: Do you have any Survarium related contests?
A:You can find a list of all past and current contests on Contests page.
Q: Where can I watch the developer diaries?
A: You can find all developer diaries on our YouTube channel. Also have a look at the Adapter Project – a video guide to survival in a post-apocalyptic world.
Q: I really want to help the project, how can I do that?
A: We are very grateful to all the players who show interest in our project. Those who are willing to help should participate in the contest for the chat and forum administrator position. Send your request to joe@vostokgames.com.
Q: How do I file a complaint against a player?
A: In the post-match statistics, you can praise a player or file a complaint against them. Simply right-click a character’s nickname and select the appropriate reason to file a complaint. This function is also available in the game lobby. If you have proof of wrongful actions of another player, You can file a written complaint about it to Support.

Technical issues

Q: What are the system requirements for Survarium?
A: You can find the current system requirements on the game download page.
As we will progress with improvements and game optimization, the system requirements will be modified accordingly.
Q: What is the Public Test Server?
A: All new updates are initially available on the Public Test Server, which has a copy of the main user database. The actions that the players perform on the PTS will not affect their progress main public server. By playing on the Public Test Server, you get the opportunity to test the next update before it’s officially out.
Q: Do you plan on releasing the game on consoles?
A: We’re considering this sometime in the future. However, we have no plans at the moment.


Q: Will players be able to make mods for the game?
A: We plan the game to support mods, but without affecting the balance of the game. For example, changes to the game's interface.
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