Factions in Survarium

In Survarium, the world we’re used to is no more. In just a few years deadly viral pandemic killed billions of people. Civilization as we know it ceased to exist. In time the nature started to take back the planet, and now the bigger part of the land is covered by anomaly Forest. Travelling out there is suicide, and just a handful of men are bold enough to go on a perilous journey to the uncharted territories.

There are places where the Forest hasn’t planted its roots, and there the life goes on more or less unchanged. It’s there the new society began to arise, but all people are divided into factions in Survarium. Countries and borders are no more, and survivors are fighting for their place under the sun. New forces, which were formed on the shards of humanity, became rivals fighting over the remains of civilization.

At the moment there are four factions in Survarium. Each of them has unique weapons and equipment which is available through their merchants. But first you have to prove you’re worthy, and to do that, you must work for the faction. By carrying out its missions, character gets reputation, and also earns experience and money.

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