Black market

The ex-bikers’ lot in the destroyed city premises had been an unprepossessing site for a while. The nomads roaming around the ruins of former regional center. They reconstructed it to meet their needs of controlling the local trade operations.

Soon the lot became a customary haven open to various travelers in search of night’s lodging or essential goods – it became the Black Market. Clan leaders frequently choose it as a meeting point to strike important deals, hold negotiations, make decisions while gambling and guzzling alcohol.

The founders of Black Market were champions of common parity, self-administration and self-organization. Such an outlook has stuck with their successors too. Each Black Market resident is equal in his activity and is preoccupied with what he likes best – he can trade, do craftwork, travel with other nomads, guard the territory, or he can as well take to arms and participate in operations against enemy factions. There are no strict regulations given to the combatants here – everyone accomplishes the work he is skillful at and is willing to do.

Such a freedom of choice in preoccupations attracts many, drawn to the place by chance or by will, so every day the Black Market ranks grow with the arrival of newcomers. In the evenings when the day nears its end, the raffish folks traditionally gather in the various watering holes to feast full throttle, just to relax and put their feet up.

A scarce look is enough to make sure you are facing a Black Market fighter. Dark leather jackets, heavy boots, gloves – the beloved dress style of the local combatants doing their best to demonstrate the rude force and untamed might, which serve their advantage in battle, therefore. It’s not in their interest to act quietly and stealthily. Dashing maneuvers and decisive assaults, crushing hits on the enemy defense vulnerable spots, use of traps to neutralize opponents are all part of the Black Market’s success recipe when it comes to combats.

Most of the income received by the locals comes from trading items of various kinds. The incoming caravans supply new goods to the market daily, while the nomads are always eager to supply the merchants with something interesting, provided the price is good. The weapons stores sport revolvers, shotguns, pump-action rifles, submachine guns, machine pistols; these are pieces for fighting at close and long range. If the customer is looking for something suitable among equipment, here he will find plethora of biker’s gear – leather jackets, sturdy footwear, and helmets. Certain individuals can sell you alcohol and such rare items as stimulators.