The Fringe Settlers

The name of the group came from living on the edge of safe-zone; where the spread of the Forest stopped. Up to now, it remains a mystery as to why the Forest stopped. Some believe that "The Fringe Settlers" are one of the reasons.

Even before the catastrophe, when the Forest was just beginning to spread, some people believed it necessary to study and not destroy the Forest, to learn to live in harmony with it.

But, their voices were not heard in the boom of the industrial age and they left the city to self-study the strange phenomenon. They gradually adapted to the new conditions of life and when the cloud of spores arose over the Forest, the inhabitants of the Fringe Settlements were prepared.

The fall of civilization has further deepened their beliefs in their own right. Those who live on the fringes are perhaps the only ones who are not afraid to make excursions into the Forest; they value the subtle that exists between the settlement and the Forest.

Residents are reluctant to allow strangers entry, knowing full well that any aggression shown towards the Forest will be returned a hundredfold. Residents believe the settlement to be an "Eden" a special place. Located somewhere deep in the Forest where no thorns, no anomalies or deadly mutants can be found. They believe this is where human civilization will be reborn but that it needs to change and learn to live in harmony, only then will we be allowed to find Eden.