The Renaissance Army

The Renaissance Army is a new force to have risen on the ruins of civilization out of the ex-USSR regular army dust. Its soldiers were the first to face the storming elements and to sense the wrath of nature with their own skin. Long before the catastrophe the military bonzes had been developing an utopian plan to establish a new super-state. Military coups, just as a can-opener, were to rip the world map, just to give way to the ominous shadow of the former USSR – the Slavic Union – rising as a phoenix.

The green apocalypse has messed up all the plans. Chaos has established on the planet. Led by their own logic, the military decided it was the biological weapon use to blame for all the mess. The notorious "arm of the West" was involved too they considered.

The main forces of the Renaissance Army managed to avoid full eradication – they were dispersed far from large cities on the military bases. The catastrophe, same as the panic which followed, went them by. For a while the warriors fought to the bitter end holding the defense, however soon they realized they wouldn’t be able to continue this way and reinforcements wouldn’t arrive.

Hopes were vanishing with every bullet spent, with every cartridge belt… Until it became too late, it was high time to retreat. The decision came abruptly – retreat into the desert regions of Middle Asia where it’s possible to unite with others and restore the powers.

The military skills and well-trained staff are the two aces the Renaissance Army put its stake at. The idea was justifying – it didn’t take long before they returned to the initial idea of restoring the super-state.

Nobody but us! The military consider themselves messiahs of the new world – they believe they can still save mankind from the Forest invasion by destroying the mutant lairs and holding back the waves of maddened animals. Their motto is "It is either we do them or they do us!"