After the ecological catastrophe engulfed the planet, human civilization was faced with the threat of extinction. The dreadful epidemic delivered a massive strike upon the mankind, having sizably shrunk its numbers. Survivors were so scarce that their forces were too few to continue the resistance against Forest. While humans used to dominate Earth, now it’s down to fight for the right of existence within this hostile environment, alongside the dangerous beasts and entire ecosystems.

Some of the survivors, while traveling over the territories were halted by the elements, and considered it necessary to set up camp in the vicinity of a former settlement. There they have seen other survivors in need of help. Thus, in this safe area people formed a separate group where they had more chances of survival. They became known as Scavengers.

Trying to adapt to the laws of new world, the Scavengers use items which used to be in use: found somewhere, exchanged or improved manually – that is what makes their outfit. Scavengers do not possess skills enough to produce the equipment themselves, so all their ammunition is quite primitive and cheap. Nevertheless, it has proven excellent in tough ecological and anomalous conditions.

Scavengers are not known as great fighters – they mainly prefer stealthy tactics. Scouts, for example, perform discreet infiltrations into the territory of potential enemy to check the situation, doing their best not to be seen by the enemy. Snipers are used to for combat at long distance with constant change to their location. Artifact seekers, aside from the necessary knowledge, possess special equipment and gear to search unique formations at anomalous locations.

In the Scavengers camp they have their own system of trade market relations. In the basic firearms range the Scavengers offer pistols, hunter carbines, double-barrel rifles. After thelevel of relations with the Scavenger camp increases, they can provide submachine-guns and sniper rifles as well.

Sets of clothes varying by application and design are also available. As a rule the suits include a jacket, a jersey, pants, armoured- vest, boots and gloves.

The assortment of other goods is represented by secondary items for survival: medikits, antirad, artifact seeking devices, special backpacks with artifactcontainers built in, toolsets for neutralizing traps and fixing simple devices.