Not long before the catastrophe, scientists started discovering strange phenomena occurring in ecologically polluted areas. The effects varied: new species of bacteria, intense mutations, changes to electro-magnetic fields. The scientific world was shaken by the sensational news that the decomposition of noxious substances accelerated in anomalous territories. Ecstatic about the discovery, mankind hasn’t spotted the benevolent anomalies turning into deadly man traps.

There is no scientific explanation for the anomalies found as yet. But it is know that anomalies contain artifacts which give your character different bonuses.

The best way to survive an anomaly is to avoid it. But in case there is no way to do so or you want to gather an artifact, remember, the correct equipment will considerably increase your chances of survival.

The equipment of a high anomaly protection rate will save you from burns, electric shocks and dangerous radiation. You will be able to move through the polluted area and come into contact with dangerous objects. A respirator, gas mask or oxygen tank will protect your lungs from breathing in poisonous gases and radioactive dust.