Despite all the peril, anomalies attract survivors due to their weird formations – artifacts. According to a hypothesis, artifacts are the result of hazardous and toxic substances recycled by the anomalies. Artifacts can be discovered practically in any type anomaly. In order to get the artifact you will need a set of equipment with protection from anomalies.

Artifacts possess various qualities. They can protect you or harm your enemies. Having learned ‘Usage of artifacts’ skill you will be able to activate the artifacts and release their energy hidden within.

The artifacts known to the survivors are listed below

Sponge – a small object that looks similar to a sponge or moss. In its normal state it absorbs toxic gas and radioactive dust. When activated, it becomes a deadly grenade creating a cloud of poisonous spores when exploding.

Spring – a small artifact resembling a heavily increased DNA molecule. In its regular state it increases the speed of the character’s movement. When activated it temporarily increases metabolism to considerably speed up the energy restoration speed.

Larkspur – this artifact is particularly valued by the survivors for its unique ability to speed up a wound’s healing. When activated, it is able to cope with a severe injury, including extremity fractures.

Onyx – a dark crystal with a faint glow. In its passive condition it creates a special field reacting to objects moving at high speed and slowing them down. The survivors contrived to use this artifact to slow down bullets and to decrease their piercing ability. When activated it is able to completely stop bullets. Once used it is destroyed.

Coil – a crystal grown with thin elastic fibers. Visually it resembles an inductive coil where its name derives from. In its normal state it creates a local electromagnetic field which deactivates all the electronics and hiding the player from scanners and detectors. When activated, it’s used as a grenade establishing electromagnetic field switching off all the electronic devices.

Rattle – possesses a unique ability to jam any sounds produced by the artifact carrier. When activated, the artifact effect is amplified. This said, the artifact is not destroyed, and shortly afterwards can be activated again.