Beginner's Guide

What do you need to know to start playing Survarium? Read this short guide or watch the video about the first battle!


When entering Survarium for the first time you will automatically queue for battle. The first battle you play will be against bots – opponents controlled by artificial intelligence. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the game controls and get the hang of shooting and moving your character. The second battle is against other players (but some of the opponents might still be bots). Sometimes you will have to wait a couple minutes before a battle starts because the game is trying to match you with other newcomers. While you wait, feel free to go through the game tutorial and familiarize yourself with the user interface and finishing the game tutorial. For doing that you will receive 7 day of Premium account (provides you with +50% to experience, silver, and reputation and also gives +1 character profile)!

The beginning of the battle in Survarium, allies are marked with white triangles over their heads

There are two teams in a match. Your allies are marked with white triangles, and enemies have no marks. So don’t rush into the battle: move cautiously and stay in the shadows or hide behind objects. Discover the enemy before he discovers you and shoot!

But even when the enemy sees you first and shoots, he could only wound, but not kill your character. The wound indicator in the right lower corner displays the current state of your character. Use bandages or a medkit to ease the pain and heal up.

A character with broken arms in Survarium can only shoot from a pistol

Your character can also be critically wounded. It imposes a penalty on shooting accuracy and the movement speed. If both arms are broken, you can only shoot from a pistol. If both legs are broken, the character can’t move. Use medicine or wait a bit for wounds to heal.


To increase your chance of survival, take supplies into battle. Supplies are: grenades, medkits, traps, mines, etc. Supplies are put into the pockets of corresponding item types.

You can put several identical supplies into one pocket. Increase the size of pockets using the equipment with the corresponding characteristics.


Anomalies are dangerous formations in Survarium world. One can quickly perish in anomalies, but they contain precious artifacts increasing character stats. Use equipment with high isolation parameter to mitigate anomalous damage.

An anomaly in Survarium

When the anomaly is growing, it's small and safe. Fully grown anomaly causes a lot of damage and contains an artifact inside. Pick up the artifact by holding down E key (by default).

Gathering an artifact from an anomaly in Survarium

Anomaly keeps damaging the character while he stays inside of it. But picking up an artifact is well worth it! The artifact will provide passive bonuses until it’s activated or until the end of the match (even if your character dies).

Passive bonus depends on the type of the artifact. For instance, larkspur increases health regeneration. Activate the artifact by pressing the corresponding key. Artifact provides a huge temporary buff, but is destroyed in the process. Replace it with another artifact!


Participate in the battles to find new equipment and weapons. Sell or disassemble the items you don’t need to get spare parts. Use those to add or change modifiers to the weapons and equipment you use. Each item can have up to three modifiers.

Upgrading an item adds a random modifier. To upgrade an item you must collect the required number of spare parts. When successfully modifying an item, you can choose one of three random modifiers.

You can not only add modifiers, but also change them. Every modifier change increases the cost of modifying the item. When changing the modifier, choose one of three options offered by the game.

Now you know enough to do the first steps in the world of Survarium. Read the articles in the Knowledge Base to learn more or watch the official video guides!

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