Character Development

Remember: you choose your path. By accomplishing missions you improve your relations with factions in Survarium. In exchange they provide you access to better armor, weapons and ammunition. Each of the factions specializes on specific equipment parameters, so choose the faction to ally with depending on your playstyle!

While surviving in the dangerous world, your hero will gain experience. As the character level grows, you will obtain skill points that you can distribute to develop one of the five skills. Each skill increases your combat parameters:

Firearm training allows you to shoot more accurately.

Physical training increases your running speed and weight carried (you will be able to put on heavier armor and take heavier guns on your missions).

Knowledge of the Forest allows to use artifacts and increases protection from anomalies.

Medical skills* increase effectiveness of medicine and stimulators.

Technical skills* make traps and other devices more effective.

When reaching certain levels of passive skills you will be able to choose one of the several unique abilities able to completely change the style of play. Some abilities serve as great complements to each other. Experiment by combining abilities to determine the one that is ideal for your play style.

* Medical and technical skills will be added to Survarium in the coming updates.