Clans in Survarium

It’s impossible to survive on your own in this new perilous world. For some time after the disaster people continued to believe that the government would save them. But soon it became clear that there’s no government, no countries. Borders disappeared and from that time everyone was on their own. Most people were in despair, but some knew what to do and how to survive. They formed clans in Survarium and invited other survivors to join. Maximum amount of clan members depends on its level. It grows as the players receive experience in battles.

Each clan can be under protection of one of the factions. The faction is determined by the actions of the community members. For instance, if your comrades have been accomplishing tasks mostly for Black Market this week, you will be under favor of Black Market. Protection provides access to certain items, which are impossible or hard to obtain by other means.

With its actions the clan represents the interests of the faction, impacts the balance on the global map and how the story develops. Remember: the stronger the faction whose interests you represent, the more you will receive in return as a favor of the protection. Bonuses can be quite different: in-game coins, rare equipment or consumables. Naturally, all of these are the most valuable items in this dangerous world.

After the disaster there were not many safe places left. Struggling to get by and find resources to survive, communities had to fight one another. The global map in Survarium allows the player to see the entire world, or rather the explored part of it. The map consists of several regions, and each of those can only be under the control of one clan at a time. By controlling a region, the players receives daily bonuses. Those unlock access to unique equipment and other items which are not accessible by other players.

* The global map and protection of the factions will be added in the future Survarium updates.