Game modes

Here is a list of the game modes currently available in Survarium. In each of those two teams of 8 people fight one against another.

Battery Retrieval. Containers with batteries are randomly spawned on the map. Teams need to find and bring the containers to their bases. The winner is the first team to collect all containers or whichever team has more containers at their base when the allotted time is up. It is important not only to locate and recover the containers, but also to prevent the enemy from capturing them.

Survarium also has a variation of this mode in which the containers are not scattered randomly on the map but spawn in one of the three devices placed on the location. The teams must find out which of the devices has a charged battery, and then recover it.

Research. The task is to take control over units for the research of anomalous activity. Capturing and holding a point awards your team points towards research success. The winner is the first team to complete the research of anomalous activity or whichever team scores more points in the allotted time.

Team Deathmatch. A classic team vs. team mode for shooters. The rules are simple: kill enemies and try not to get killed. The winner is the team that scores 100 kills first or has more kills in the allotted time.

Search and Destroy. Respawn during a round in this mode is restricted. One team needs to deliver the Glow of the Forest artifact to another team's base. The attacking team wins a round if it manages to bring the artifact to the enemy's base. The defending team wins a round if they manage to kill all attackers. When one of the teams wins a round, all characters respawn and the next round begins. The first team to score 5 points wins. Or, if the match time runs out, the team with more points wins.

Slaughter. Similar to Team Deathmatch, but set on smaller maps, so expect to see maximum action and a lot of kills per minute!

When playing each mode, don't forget to collect artifacts. They provide your character with passive bonuses depending on the type of an artifact. After learning the skill "Using artifacts" you will be able to activate the artifacts and greatly enhance their properties. A character with a specific set of artifacts can change the tide of battle.

Team Missions. This is a PvE-mode where a team of 3 players goes through a location fighting AI opponents, completing objectives and looking for loot stashes. When you complete the mission, you get all the loot you found. Several difficulty levels allow you to find the best challenge basing on your skill and equipment. Higher difficulties, of course, provide better loot.