Achievements and tournaments

The competition element has always been an important ingredient of the online games. You can challenge yourself by accomplishing various interesting achievements, fight for victory in the weekly player rankings or test your skills by taking part in the tournaments.


Achievements are a way to distinguish the player’s successes. By looking at the player’s achievements you can always tell what he has gone through and how good he is. Certain achievements are easy to achieve (for example, kill an enemy with headshot), others are tough (for example, never die throughout the battle).

With some particularly challenging achievements the player obtains additional rewards which will allow him to stand out from the rest of the players. This could be a special rank displayed alongside the player’s name or a cosmetic effect demonstrated on your character.


Rankings are used to compare your deeds to those of other players. Rankings last for a limited time, following which the winners are determined and the rankings get zeroed. With achieving top rankings the player will receive a valuable reward.

Here are just a few rankings examples: best player, best sniper, best artifact hunter, best support player, best explorer.


If you prefer to meet the player face to face, the tournaments definitely fall within your interests. In order to take part in a tournament, you need to create and register your team. With certain tournaments there is a limitation – the team players must represent one clan. The timing for certain tournaments is strictly regulated, while other tournaments just impose a window which the teams are able to come to an agreement about the time for the tournament.

Keep in mind, by participating in a tournament the team obtains ranking which is taken into account when drawing teams for other tournaments. On top of that, with some tournaments teams with a low ranking are not admitted.