Survarium Locations

Expansion of Forest and the Great pandemic once and for all changed the map of the entire globe in the world of Survarium. After the cataclysm countries ceased to exist, and there was no one to help. As if mocking humanity, nature effortlessly captured what remained of towns, cities, military bases, industrial and scientific centers. Those who managed to survive now have to exist in a world full of anomalies and dangerous mutants.

Nevertheless, Survivors still seek the causes of the catastrophe. They look for answers within the ruined cities, among the rusty skeletons of factory machinery and inside the empty labs. The battle for survival goes everywhere: in ex-USSR countries, in Europe and on other continents. When threading on uncharted territory, one must be prepared for the risk. Try to uncover what happened in the world of Survarium step by step, and more importantly, survive!

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