Mamayev Kurgan

Throughout its history, mankind lived through much turmoil. However, neither the natural calamities, nor epidemics of illnesses bore so much threat to mankind as the man himself. The World Wars will always remain as dark spot in our history. And this elevates the status of those who were involved in the ordeal with even greater levels for bringing them to an end.

The Stalingrad battle became the crucial moment of World War II. Over two million soldiers gave their lives in battle. In order to immortalize their memory, after the war a memorial complex was constructed and of course the Motherland Calls monument became a true gem of it. For many decades this monument became a symbol of strength and courage for millions of Soviet people.

At the time of the epidemics, Volgograd turned into the Renaissance Army’s centre of operations. It is here where the remains of the regular armies of the ex-USSR countries flooded in for regrouping and get back to the frontiers united against the general threat. Mamayev Kurgan became a place of fierce combat once again, this time between mankind and the Forest. Months of intense fighting have drastically changed the look of the Kurgan. And it is only the Motherland Calls which, as before, is standing as a symbol of resistance and courage of the Renaissance Army warriors. And therefore, there is a hope!