The School has a tragic background story. A group of refugees from the dying city has barricaded itself on the upper floor, trying to rescue from the mutated animals and birds attacking all the living around. The siege lasted for a week – people did their best to survive on a scanty ration saving every gram of bread and counting bullets. Running out of the supplies, they sent people to search food, but none of them returned.

One day in the morning they were woken up by a terrible rumble – the tree roots system was breaking concrete floors in the school yard. Roots were stretching out to places where humans were holding defense, they were crushing walls to break through to them. Hordes of mutated animals were breaking into the breaches and there was no way to protect against them – nobody survived…

Five years later the scouts discovered that school profoundly grown up with mutated greenery. As it turned out, there appeared rare anomalies bearing artifacts which could be used to produce medical preparations getting semi-dead people back to life.