Tarakanovsky Fort

Tarakanovsky Fort is a range of defensive buildings built in the 19th century to defend the Western cordons of the Russian empire. By a twist of fate the Fort participated neither in the First, nor in the Second World War and for a long time it was in disuse and fell victim to gradual decay over time.

Everything changed after the Catastrophe. A group of former scientists settled in the serene fort located on the very edge of the Forest. Later other survivors joined them. The once derelict fort now grew and strengthened as a settlement. The belief in the almighty powers of nature and symbolism took an important place in the lifestyle of the populace, so a whimsical altar surrounded by totems was raised inside the fort area, while the walls got decorated with ritualistic symbols.

For reasons unknown the Forest didn’t attack them, while the Fort provided good protection against wandering nomadic gangs. Owing to its location on the brink of the Forest and the safe territories, the Fort was dubbed – the Fringe settlement, which shortly spread onto all of the fort residents.