Vector Laboratory

Vector State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology is one of the largest scientific centers in Russia, located a few kilometers from Novosibirsk.

The lab was created as a specialized research center for studying viruses and bacteria. The research was conducted in two different directions - searching for effective medicaments and protective measures and the development and production of biological weapons.

No wonder, this laboratory was among the first that suffered from nature’s vengeance. In the first months of the Forest attack, all communication with the laboratory was lost, and the entire staff was locked inside the complex. The Russian government attempted to evacuate the scientists to the nearest city, Novosibirsk, but the rescue mission couldn’t even come close to the laboratory. Meanwhile, the problems were snowballing rapidly: Novosibirsk was completely surrounded by the Forest; there was no way to save the scientists or the lab

The battle for the city lasted for many years. On quite days in-between ruthless attacks, survivors could see bright flashes of lightning in the sky over the laboratory.

Five years has passed since the epidemic. The Forest retreated. In search of food a group of survivors came across an abandoned laboratory complex. A catastrophic scene unfolded before their eyes. The laboratory looked like a gigantic magnet that pulled on the destructive power of nature and bore the brunt, thus saving the city from certain doom.