Vostok Radar Station

Vostok Radar Station is a secret army base, one of the many ground stations located beyond the Ural mountains. Those were used to track launch and movement of ballistic missiles in upper layers of atmosphere. A couple days prior to the catastrophe canisters with strange black oily liquid were delivered to the base – it was only the command who knew how and what for it’s going to be used.

Soon the connection with the headquarters was lost. The garrison led fierce battles trying to defend the base. The technicians readjusted the antenna, then caught the message from the Renaissance Army where it called to retreat to the south for regrouping the forces.

Three months passed. The forces of the defenders were vanishing. They were running out of ammunition. Realizing there is nowhere to get the assistance from, the fighters gathered the remains of the forces to attempt a reckless endeavor to break to the south via the forests of Siberia.