Survarium Update 0.33

The List of Changes in Survarium 0.33c

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the properties of the following backpacks: Antiradar Veil, Dar-2m, UKV-1, and Double cylinder
  • Fixed application of camouflage on Saboteur jacket
  • Fixed "Alt" key binding to "Crouch" action
  • Fixed collisions of the crowns of some trees

The List of Changes in Survarium 0.33b


  • Decreased strafing (side step) speed of the character
  • Decreased visual swaying of the weapon in hands while quickly turning the head
  • Decreased the cost of special supplies to 500 silver
  • Decreased equipment and weapon repair costs by 15%
  • Increased the reward in silver for battery retrieval
  • Increased the reward in silver for capturing research stations

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue leading to incresed reload times of some weapons;

The List of Changes in Survarium 0.33a


Pockets for supplies have been substantially redesigned. Now there are 3 types of pockets by default:

  • For medicine
  • For explosives (mines and grenades)
  • For special supplies (radio, rations, artifact-master, protein, energy drink, motherwort extract)

By default, all pockets have 1 slot allowing you to take one bandage or one grenade. Some supplies (mines) require 2 slots and cannot be equipped by default. The pocket size can be increased with some equipment items.

  • Pockets capacity parameter removed from the game
  • Changed the types and amount of pockets for equipment. You will find a chart with the items' parameters below
  • Added a new modifier called Explosion Protection. You can get it on body armor, pants and helmets. The maximum value of the modifier on one item is 5%. Also some items have explosion protection as an embedded modifier
  • "Forest Sense" skill no longer displays artifacts of other characters
  • "Deep Pockets" skill disabled
  • "Artifact Container" skill disabled
  • Reduced the amount of health restored by regeneration. The maximum modifier is now 1%
  • By default all characters health is restored at the rate of 1% per second
  • Now theres one second delay while using medical items
  • Armor is now 1.5 times less effective in reducing explosive damage
  • Mine deactivation time reduced to 2 seconds
  • Larkspur: health regeneration upon the artifact activation increased to 50% per second
  • Onyx: passive damage reduction increased to 7%, damage reduction upon the artifact activation reduced to 50%
  • Added support for two new game events:
    Infinite Respect players might get 2X experience and reputation for victory in any mode.
    Treasures of the Old World players might receive the best possible reward when ransacking stashes.

Changes in Weapons and Supplies Balance

  • APS: damage decreased to 22, rate of fire decreased to 600
  • SVD: recoil increased to 3.4
  • UMP-45: damage increased to 25
  • vz. 58 P: armor-piercing decreased to 40
  • MSBS Radon: armor-piercing decreased to 50
  • M4A1: armor-piercing decreased to 50
  • RPK-74M, armor-piercing decreased to 50
  • MP-7: damage increased to 22, armor-piercing decreased to 40
  • Pecheneg: armor-piercing reduced to 60
  • FN Minimi: armor-piercing reduced to 55
  • AK-12: armor-piercing reduced to 55
  • VHS-2: armor-piercing reduced to 55
  • SCAR-H: armor-piercing reduced to 60
  • ASh-12: armor-piercing reduced to 60
  • Barrett M82: rate of fire decreased to 45, penalty to spread while moving increased by 25%
  • VSS: rate of fire increased to 650
  • VSK-94: rate of fire decreased to 650
  • Shotgun damage at the long distance (when firing shells, no changes to slugs) decreased by 20%
  • A number of cartridges in a pack for ASh-12 and FN SCAR-H increased to 30
  • SCAR-H: the price of generic ammo pack increased to 200 silver (from 50)
  • MON-50 damage increased to 350
  • Bandage: application time is 0.3s, health regeneration is 25 in 1.5 seconds
  • Medkit: application time is 1s, health regeneration is 100 in 5 seconds
  • Military Medkit: application time is 1s, health regeneration is 75 in 5 seconds. Temporarily decreases incoming weapon damage by 15%
  • Science Medkit: application time 1s, health regeneration 75 in 5 seconds. Temporarily reduces the damage of anomalies by 50%
  • Antitoxin: protection from anomalies increased to 100%
  • Painkiller: damage reduction decreased to 25%
  • Increased armor protection of level 10 equipment
  • Maximum protection against anomalies reduced to 95% (from 130%)
  • Maximum protection from anomalies of boots and gloves increased to 5% (from 4%)
  • Maximum protection from anomalies of masks and vests reduced to 15% (from 23% and 22% respectively)
  • Maximum protection from anomalies of pants and backpacks reduced to 10% (from 13% and 17% respectively)
  • Maximum protection from anomalies of helmets reduced to 5% (from 13%)
  • Changed level of protection from anomalies of all the equipment
  • Maximum protection from anomalies modifier on masks and vests increased to 7% with 1.4% increments (up from 5% with 1% increments)
  • Maximum modifier of protection from anomalies of boots, gloves and helmets reduced to 2% with 0.4% increments (down from 5% with 1% increments)
  • Missions System Redesign

  • Removed the time limit to finish missions
  • After completing a mission with a gold medal the mission will be replaced by a new one after some time
  • You can change one of your missions for free once per 24 hours
  • When changing a faction, the mission progress is saved. Rewards for not completed stages are changed in accordance with your reputation in the current faction
  • Premium account increases rewards for missions by 50%
  • Increased reward for completing missions with a gold medal
  • If you have reached the maximum reputation level with your current faction you will now receive silver for completing missions with a gold medal
  • User Interface

  • Added a brief description of the collected artifacts when you press Tab in battle
  • Changed notification when a battery is stolen or when it spawns on the map in Battery Retrieval mode
  • Optimization

  • Added simplified models (LOD) of equipment to display at long distances. This will improve the performance of the game
  • LOD for models of Scavengers equipment: levels 4, 5, 6, 9
  • LOD for models of Black Market equipment: levels 4, 5, 6, 8, 9
  • LOD for models of The Fringe Settlers equipment: levels 4, partly 5, 6, 8, 9
  • LOD for models of The Renaissance Army equipment: levels 4, 5, 7, 9, 10
  • Visuals and Animations

  • Updated UZI animations
  • Updated anomaly animations
  • Fixed anomalies position and position of artifacts in the anomalies
  • Fixed the visuals of VSS and VSS Vintorez magazines for 20 rounds
  • Improved lighting in several places of London, Rudnya, Tarakanovsky Fort, Chemical Plant and School locations
  • Fixed position of the character's arms while holding machine pistols in the lobby. Now they don't go through the body
  • Fixed reload animation of SKS
  • Updated shot animations of Benelli M4, Remington 870

Sound Fixes

  • Reduced the volume of steps when in first and third person. The range of audibility remains the same
  • Fixed the range of audibility of all submachine guns
  • Fixed the firing sound of VSS in first person
  • Fixed the firing sound of A545 in first person
  • Fixed the firing sound of P90 in first person
  • Fixed panning of firing sound of SKS and RPD in third person. Now it is positioned correctly
  • Fixed sound events in some animations of weapons reloading
  • Added unique sound of grenades falling on a metal surface
  • Changed the sound of ambient rain to a more suitable one for Rudnya. Added new environment sounds
  • Fixed positions of environment sound zones. Added ambient sounds for the premises during a sand storm

Bug Fixes

  • You can no longer install the game on drives with FAT32 file system (it was never supported in the first place)
  • Fixed the calculation formula of armor penetration. Now when a bullet doesnt penetrate the armor, the minimum damage is lower
  • Fixed trigger areas of PMN-3 and MON-50 mines
  • Fixed an issue when wounded hands did not give penalty to accuracy
  • Fixed an issue when a fracture of both hands did not block the use of two-handed weapons
  • Fixed a desynchronization when watching replays of matches. Because of this, replays from the previous versions of the game are not supported in 0.33
  • Fixed anomalies damage areas
  • Fixed a bug which displayed incorrect (zero) level of equipment required to perform missions
  • Fixed scrolling friends list with a mouse wheel
  • Fixed timer for changing modifiers for silver
  • Fixed removing a decal from the first slot when two slots are already occupied
  • Fixed applying decals and camos
  • Fixed an issue with resetting quests for gold
  • Fixed a notification issue when purchasing equipment in the faction window

Changes in Ban System

Added intermediate account bans. The restrictions are the same as in the case of an ordinary ban, but the player receives a notification of a suspected violation of the rules. A detailed investigation is conducted by the games Customer Support for 3-7 days, and after that time a final decision is made. When the player tries to log into the game during the intermediate ban period, he or she receives a corresponding notification.

Items' Characteristics

LvlFactionNameTypeWeightArmorIsolationItem slotsSpecial properties
1The Renaissance ArmyPrivate jacketjacket2103%
1The Renaissance ArmyPrivate pantspants0.8102%
1The Renaissance ArmyPrivate bootsboots0.5102%
1ScavengersQuilted jacketjacket2105%
1ScavengersLinen pantspants0.5104%
1ScavengersLeather bootsboots0.4102%
1The Fringe SettlersAnimal skin vestjacket3106%
1The Fringe SettlersAnimal skin pantspants1104%
1The Fringe SettlersMocassinsboots0.3103%
1Black MarketLeather sleeveless jacketjacket3103%
1Black MarketJeanspants0.8102%
1Black MarketCossacksboots0.4102%
2The Renaissance ArmyParatrooper helmethelmet0.6202%
2The Renaissance ArmyParatrooper vestjacket4203%Explosives (1)
2The Renaissance ArmyParatrooper pantspants1202%
2The Renaissance ArmyParatrooper backpackbackpack1Medicines (1)
2The Renaissance ArmyAssault glovesgloves0.3102%Recoil -1%
2ScavengersFingerless glovesgloves0.2103%Aiming time -2%
2ScavengersScavenger hoodhelmet0.3103%
2ScavengersBackpack with containerbackpack1Artifacts (1)
2ScavengersShabby jacketjacket2.5157%Medicines (1)
2ScavengersShabby pantspants0.7155%
2ScavengersRespirator Ambermask0.31010%
2The Fringe SettlersRanger jacketjacket 31510%Artifacts (1)
2The Fringe SettlersRanger pantspants1156%
2The Fringe SettlersRespirator Malachitemask0.41011%
2The Fringe SettlersRespiratory system Breezebackpack3.2Capacity: 30 seconds
2The Fringe SettlersRanger glovesgloves0.2104%Collection time -5%
2Black MarketBiker glovesgloves0.2102%Reload speed +2%
2Black MarketBandit jacketjacket4203%Ammo (1)
2Black MarketBandit pantspants1202%
2Black MarketBandit backpackbackpack1Ammo (1)
2Black MarketFearsome maskmask0.1153%
3The Renaissance ArmyOZK-UV vestjacket62010%Medicines (1)
3The Renaissance ArmyOZK-UV pantspants2206%Ammo (1)
3The Renaissance ArmyOZK-UV bootsboots1154%
3The Renaissance ArmyRespirator Zanavesmask0.41511%
3The Renaissance ArmyCyllinder Zarya 4Nbackpack3Capacity: 40 seconds
3The Renaissance ArmyOZK-UV glovesgloves0.5154%Recoil -1%
3ScavengersChemical protection jacketjacket41514%Artifacts (1)
3ScavengersChemical protection pantspants1159%Medicines (1)
3ScavengersChemical protection glovesgloves0.4155%Collection time -5%
3ScavengersChemical protection bootsboots0.8155%
3ScavengersOxygen tankbackpack3.5Capacity: 50 seconds
3The Fringe SettlersHunter hoodhelmet0.5152%
3The Fringe SettlersHunter jacketjacket5207%Ammo (1)
3The Fringe SettlersHunter pantspants1.5205%Medicines (1)
3The Fringe SettlersHunter bootsboots0.5153%
3Black MarketThug jacketjacket8253%Ammo (1)
3Black MarketBiker helmethelmet1252%
3Black MarketLeather pantspants1.5252%Explosives (1)
3Black MarketRopersboots0.8202%
4The Renaissance ArmyArmy Vestjacket7353%Ammo (1)
4The Renaissance ArmyArmy pantspants2.5352%Explosives (1)
4The Renaissance ArmyArmy bootsboots0.7202%Stamina cost -2%
4ScavengersLight Vestjacket5306%Ammo (1)
4ScavengersField pantspants0.8304%Medicines (1)
4ScavengersMilitary bootsboots0.7203%
4The Fringe SettlersExplorer hathelmet0.5205%
4The Fringe SettlersExplorer jacketjacket52514%Artifacts (1)
4The Fringe SettlersExplorer pantspants1.52510%Medicines (1)
4The Fringe SettlersExplorer bootsboots1205%
4The Fringe SettlersGas mask Smaragdmask0.62013%
4The Fringe SettlersContainer Dar 2Mbackpack34%Artifacts (1)
4Black MarketBiker jacketjacket10353%Medicines (1)
4Black MarketSpiked glovesgloves0.5202%Recoil -2%
4Black MarketChoppersboots1202%Movement speed +1%
5The Renaissance ArmyScout helmethelmet0.7352%
5The Renaissance ArmySokol vestjacket4.5355%Ammo (1). Medicines (1)
5The Renaissance ArmyScout pantspants1354%Ammo (1)
5The Renaissance ArmyScout bootsboots0.6253%
5ScavengersSaboteur jacketjacket3.5356%Ammo (1). Explosives (1)
5ScavengersSaboteur pantspants1.4355%Medicines (1)
5ScavengersSaboteur glovesgloves0.3253%Reload speed +6%
5The Fringe SettlersWarrior helmethelmet1.5402%
5The Fringe SettlersWarrior jacketjacket8407%Ammo (1). Artifacts (1)
5The Fringe SettlersWarrior pantspants3.2405%Explosives (1)
5The Fringe SettlersWarrior bootsboots1303%
5Black MarketMarauder jacketjacket7359%Ammo (2)
5Black MarketMarauder helmethelmet0.8353%
5Black MarketMarauder pantspants1.5356%Medicines (1)
5Black MarketGas mask Maraudermask0.53010%
6The Renaissance ArmyVityaz-S helmethelmet2502%
6The Renaissance ArmyShturm vestjacket10553%Ammo (2)
6The Renaissance ArmyShturm pants3502%Explosives (1)
6The Renaissance ArmyAssault maskmask1504%
6ScavengersMounting helmethelmet0.5402%
6ScavengersReinforced padded jacketjacket8506%Ammo (1). Medicines (1)
6ScavengersReinforced pantspants2504%Medicines (1)
6ScavengersRough glovesgloves0.3353%Hip fire dispersion -6%
6The Fringe SettlersStalker jacketjacket84510%Ammo (1). Medicines (1)
6The Fringe SettlersStalker pantspants1.5457%Ammo (1)
6The Fringe SettlersStalker glovesgloves0.3354%Reload speed +6%
6Black MarketViper helmethelmet1.5452%
6Black MarketViper vestjacket7453%Ammo (1). Explosives (1)
6Black MarketViper pantspants1.2452%Explosives (1)
6Black MarketViper bootsboots0.7352%Movement speed +1.5%
7The Renaissance ArmySniper helmethelmet1502%
7The Renaissance ArmySniper vestjacket8605%Ammo (1). Explosives (1)
7The Renaissance ArmySniper pantspants1.5554%Ammo (1). Medicines (1)
7The Renaissance ArmySniper bootsboots0.5402%
7The Renaissance ArmySniper glovesgloves0.2402%Aiming time -6%
7ScavengersPathfinder helmethelmet1502%
7ScavengersPathfinder vestjacket6556%Artifacts (1). Medicines (1)
7ScavengersPathfinder pantspants2554%Ammo (1). Explosives (1)
7ScavengersPathfinder glovesgloves0.3403%Aiming time -6%
7ScavengersField radiobackpack2.5Ammo (1)Respawn time -20%
7The Fringe SettlersVeles helmethelmet1.2503%
7The Fringe SettlersVeles vestjacket8557%Ammo (1). Artifacts (1)
7The Fringe SettlersVeles pantspants2.8555%Ammo (1). Medicines (1)
7The Fringe SettlersMagus bootsboots1403%
7The Fringe SettlersGas mask Velesmask0.6408%
7The Fringe SettlersTokenbackpack310%Artifacts (1)
7The Fringe SettlersMagus glovesgloves0.7403%Hip fire dispersion -6%
7Black MarketWatchman jacketjacket6553%Ammo (1)Explosion protection +5%
7Black MarketWatchman pantspants1.5552%Ammo (1). Medicines (1)
7Black MarketWatchman backpackbackpack1.5Explosives (1)
7Black MarketWatchman glovesgloves0.5402%Reload speed +6%
8The Renaissance ArmyUM-2 Molot helmethelmet3702%
8The Renaissance ArmyUM-2 Molot vestjacket12753%Ammo (1)
8The Renaissance ArmyUM-2 Molot pantspants5752%Ammo (1). Medicines (1)
8The Renaissance ArmyUM-2 Molot bootsboots1502%
8The Renaissance ArmyUM-2 Molot maskmask1753%
8The Renaissance ArmyUM-2 Molot glovesgloves0.8502%Recoil -4%
8ScavengersCombat helmethelmet2652%
8ScavengersCombat Vestjacket8706%Ammo (1). Medicines (1)
8ScavengersCombat pantspants3704%Ammo (1). Explosives (1)
8ScavengersCombat bootsboots1453%
8ScavengersCombat glovesgloves0.6453%Reload speed +8%
8The Fringe SettlersMaster hoodhelmet0.5603%
8The Fringe SettlersMaster vestjacket66510%Ammo (1). Artifacts (1)
8The Fringe SettlersMaster pantspants2.5657%Medicines (1). Explosives (1)
8The Fringe SettlersMaster bootsboots0.8454%
8The Fringe SettlersMaster glovesgloves0.6454%Aiming time -10%
8Black MarketLife support systembackpack2.7Medicines (1)Health regeneration +1%. stamina regeneration +8%
8Black MarketOmicron helmethelmet2.5653%
8Black MarketOmicron vestjacket107010%Ammo (1). Artifacts (1)
8Black MarketOmicron pantspants1.5707%Ammo (1). Medicines (1)
8Black MarketOmicron maskmask0.56012%
8Black MarketOmicron glovesgloves0.5454%Collection time -15%
8Black MarketOmicron bootsboots1454%
9The Renaissance ArmyOZK-18KB helmethelmet2754%
9The Renaissance ArmyOZK-18KB vestjacket118012%Ammo (1). Medicines (1)
9The Renaissance ArmyOZK-18KB pantspants3.5808%Ammo (1). Explosives (1)
9The Renaissance ArmyOZK-18KB bootsboots1.2554%
9The Renaissance ArmyGas mask PMK-7Smask0.66015%
9The Renaissance ArmyUKV-1 cylinderbackpack3.5Medicines (1)Capacity: 110 seconds
9The Renaissance ArmyOZK-18KB glovesgloves0.7554%Hip fire dispersion -5%
9ScavengersMetal helmethelmet1.5703%
9ScavengersFirefighter vestjacket128010%Ammo (1). Explosives (1)
9ScavengersFirefighter pantspants3.1807%Ammo (1). Medicines (1)
9ScavengersFirefighter bootsboots1.2504%Stamina cost -8%
9ScavengersFirefighter glovesgloves0.7504%Collection time -20%
9ScavengersGas mask Barriermask0.67012%
9ScavengersDouble cylinderbackpack4Artifacts (1)Capacity: 110 seconds
9The Fringe SettlersKeeper helmethelmet2752%
9The Fringe SettlersKeeper vestjacket10807%Ammo (1). Medicines (1)
9The Fringe SettlersKeeper pantspants3805%Ammo (1). Medicines (1)
9The Fringe SettlersKeeper bootsboots1.2503%
9The Fringe SettlersKeeper maskmask0.8758%
9The Fringe SettlersContainer Wandererbackpack3.5Artifacts (1). Medicines (1)
9The Fringe SettlersKeeper glovesgloves0.7503%Hip fire dispersion -10%
9Black MarketMercenary helmethelmet1.5702%
9Black MarketMercenary jacketjacket8754%Ammo (2). Medicines (1)
9Black MarketMercenary pantspants1.5752%Medicines (1). Explosives (1)
9Black MarketProtective maskmask0.5655%
9Black MarketAntiradar system Veilbackpack2.75%Explosives (1)Respawn time -20%
9Black MarketMercenary glovesgloves0.5502%Collection time -20%
9Black MarketMercenary bootsboots1502%Stamina regeneration +10%
10The Renaissance ArmyAssault backpackbackpack1Ammo (1). Explosives (1)
10ScavengersBig backpackbackpack3.5Medicines (2)
10The Renaissance ArmyUM-4 Zubr helmethelmet3.5852%
10The Renaissance ArmyUM-4 Zubr vestjacket15953%Ammo (2). Explosives (1)
10The Renaissance ArmyUM-4 Zubr pantspants6952%Ammo (1). Medicines (1)
10The Renaissance ArmyUM-4 Zubr bootsboots2752%
10The Renaissance ArmyUM-4 Zubr maskmask1.5854%
10The Renaissance ArmyUM-4 Zubr glovesgloves0.8753%Recoil -5%
10ScavengersNomad vestjacket8857%Ammo (2). Medicines (1)
10ScavengersNomad helmethelmet1.5752%
10ScavengersNomad pantspants2855%Medicines (1). Explosives (1)
10ScavengersNomad bootsboots0.7653%Movement speed +2.5%
10ScavengersNomad glovesgloves0.8653%Reload speed +10%
10The Fringe SettlersPilgrim helmethelmet3755%
10The Fringe SettlersPilgrim vestjacket128515%Ammo (1). Artifacts (1)
10The Fringe SettlersPilgrim pantspants58510%Ammo (1). Medicines (1)
10The Fringe SettlersPilgrim bootsboots1.5705%
10The Fringe SettlersPilgrim maskmask17515%
10The Fringe SettlersContainer Pilgrimbackpack4Artifacts (2)Health regeneration +1%
10The Fringe SettlersPilgrim glovesgloves0.8655%Aiming time -10%
10Black MarketHeavy armored helmethelmet2.5802%
10Black MarketHeavy vestjacket12904%Ammo (2). Medicines (1)
10Black MarketHeavy armored pantspants5.5902%Ammo (1). Explosives (1)
10Black MarketArmored bootsboots1.8702%Stamina cost -10%
10Black MarketArmored maskmask1805%
10Black MarketBackpack for explosivesbackpack3.2Explosives (2)
10Black MarketArmored glovesgloves0.7703%Hip fire dispersion -10%