Survarium Update 0.51

The List of Changes in Survarium 0.51b2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when some items on the reward list in the Treasure Hunt were shown to had 6 modifiers (instead of three).
  • Fixed an issue which decreased the number of available free stash maps by one when updating the Treasure Hunt list. Now you will be able to get 2 free stash maps when updating the Treasure Hunt using gold or a premium stash map.
  • Fixed an issue when aiming was incorrect while using a sight on a bracket. To fix the issue, please remove the sight from the bracket and save the changes. Now put the sight back on the bracket.
  • Fixed an issue when it was not possible to install a collimator on a bracket.
  • Fixed an issue causing mission sign (exclamation mark in the bottom right) to disappear when getting a new mission.

The List of Changes in Survarium 0.51b

Weapon Modules System

  • Modules are not longer destroyed when removed from a weapon.
  • When you install a module, it binds to the weapon it's installed to. Modules can be swapped for free on the weapon they are bound to.
  • Increased module drop chance for the weapon you used in the match.
  • High quality modules (rare) can now be found in Team Missions' stashes and in the Treasure Hunt (you will see modules on a reward list the next time your Treasure Hunt is updated).
  • From January 30 to February 14 premium account guarantees getting a module in each PvP match (i.e. you will also get modules when you lose).

Equipment and Weapons

  • Added weapons with new camos: TOZ-122 "Leather" (tier 2) and Glock 17 "Moonlight" (tier 4).
  • Added new equipment sets: league "Delta" and premium "Delta 2".

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing module quality (color) not displaying correctly. Modules you get when this patch is live will have correct qualities. Colors of the modules you already had won't be affected.
  • Fixed shooting animations of the following weapons: AKM, L85A2, H&K 416A5, Vepr, H&K MP5, H&K UMP45, AS Val, APS, Remington 870, SR-3M, Valmet Rk.62.

The List of Changes in Survarium 0.51ab

Bug Fixes

  • An issue causing the game client to stop working on closing the game daily login window has been fixed.
  • An issue making it impossible to sell modules has been fixed. Now rare and premium modules can be sold with prior confirmation of the price. You can sell the rest of the modules by simply confirming the sell action.

The List of Changes in Survarium 0.51a9

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which caused client crash when killing a character with the "Sponge" artifact.
  • Fixed an issue which caused Franchi SPAS-12 "Halloween 2016" not to have a bonus to silver gain.
  • Fixed an issue when Holiday Treasure Hunt could provide a weapon with more than 3 modifiers. All additional modifiers will be removed so such weapons have exactly 3 modifiers as they should. As a compensation you will receive 500 spare parts for each of the said weapons you own.
  • Fixed an issue when it was impossible to remove modules from some weapons. These modules will be removed for free and returned into the inventory.
  • Fixed an issue which caused module quality to display incorrectly.
  • Fixed a following issue: when pressing "Esc" while inspecting a weapon ("Inspect" button in the Workshop) you received a warning that all modules will be removed. Now there is no warning and modules will not be removed.
  • Fixed an issue which made aim down the sights work incorrectly when putting a sight on a dovetail joint. To fix the issue you need to install a module again. Please create a ticket with the names of your affected weapons (if possible, please also send screenshots with the installed modules) so the modules are removed for free.
  • Fixed an issue when modifier descriptions were not fitting the UI.
  • Fixed various issues in the game localizations.
  • Modules (you got as rewards for wins in PvP) which were impossible to install on a weapon, were replaced by modules of the same quality for the same weapons. You will find the modules in the inventory.

The List of Changes in Survarium 0.51

New Weapon Modification System

  • Each module is a separate item and can be installed on one or several different weapons.
  • Added new module type: 45 degrees offset rail allowing to install another sight.
  • Modules differ visually, by quality and parameters. Each module can increase or decrease one or several weapon stats.
  • The better the quality of a module is, the higher its positive parameters and lower the negative.
  • You receive random modules for each win in PvP (you won't get modules in the holiday event mode, though). Higher quality modules are more rare than low quality modules.
  • Modules with average characteristics are available for purchase in the Workshop when you modify weapons.
  • By default all weapons have basic (standard) modules that provide no stats and only define how a weapon looks.
  • To install a module you need to inlock a corresponding slot: either kill enemies with that weapon or pay some gold. Kill counters for all your weapons are kept, so you will have some slots alerady unlocked
  • Some modules require other modules (for instance, a rail or a clamp) before they can be installed. Those intermediate modules also affect weapon's characteristics.
  • The next parameters are now only available on modules: recoil from the hip, recoil when aiming, aim time, dispersion, dispersion from the hip, effective distance.
  • If your weapons have modifiers with the stats mentioned above, you will receive modules with the same stats. You also receive a random modifier of the same quality instead of the modifier you lost.
  • If your weapons have non-standard (non-basic) modules, similar modules will be installed on your weapon .
  • If you had empty module slots (i.e. modules were unlocked but not installed), the best available to you (by number of your kills with the weapon) modules will be installed.
  • If you had non-installed modules you bought with gold, you will receive similar modules (you will find the corresponding items in the inventory).

Holiday Season in Survarium!

  • Everything mentioned below is only available during the Holiday Season event!
  • Play matches in the Gun Race game mode, receive holiday currency: snowflakes, pine trees and stars. The higher you place in a match, the more currency you get!
  • Exchange the currency for the weapons with unique holiday camos: Benelli M4 (tier 3), PP-19-01 (tier 4) and A-545 (tier 5). The weapons also have all their module slots unlocked, and provide a bonus to spare part gain: +7%, +10% and +15% correspondingly.
  • Gun Race is all-versus-all game mode, so every other player will try to frag you.
  • Before each match an equipment tier (from 1 to 5) is randomly selected, and a list of this tier's weapons is generated. The last ones on the list are always a snowball and an icicle. The snowballs kills a character with 100 HP in two hits, and the icicle one shots but only in melee.
  • Kill opponents to get the next weapon on the list. Melee kills let you advance through the list faster, but if someone kills you in melee, you roll back to the previous weapon on the list. The player to make the kill with the last weapon on the list wins.
  • You will receive a holiday hat for the first win in a PvP-match!
  • During the event Treasure Hunt will be updated daily, and the top prize will be a unique weapon from one of the previous events!

General Changes

  • Now bots (AI controlled characters) use the damage statistics to choose where to look. Basically, the AI will more often check the spots from which the players usually shoot the bots.

Weapons, Equipment and Supplies


  • Weapons with the (old) suffix were removed from the game. If you had an (old) weapon, it will be replaced, plus you'll receive another weapon as a compensation (details below).
  • Additionally you will get a base (with no modules or modifiers) weapon of the same class and tier as your (old) weapon. If you had a premium weapon with the (old) suffix, you will also get a premium weapon (in this case module slots will be unlocked and you'll get three random modifiers).
  • For instance, if you had a tier 2 AKM "Avenger" (old), you will receive tier 1 AKM "Avenger" with similar modules. You will also receive a tier 2 premium assault rifle, which in this case is AKS-74U "Corsair".


  • Introduced various changes to Mamayev Kurgan location. Now matches should be more balanced regardless of where your team's base is.

Technical Changes

  • Now the renderer for slow PCs supports light sources that provide only glare (they used to add diffuse lighting as well).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the first three bullets recoil modifier, now it correctly changes recoil of all weapons.