Survarium Update 0.64

The List of Changes in Survarium 0.64a2

Bug Fixes

  • Changed the sound of FAMAS shots.
  • Fixed Chinese localization.
  • Made changes into French, Spanish, Portuguese localizations.

The List of Changes in Survarium 0.64a1

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing killcam to be missing in "Slaughter" mode in normal matches.

The List of Changes in Survarium 0.64a

General changes

  • As an experiment and due to the community's requests, killcam and hit indicator are disabled in ranked matches (and ranked matches only!).
  • "Metal Detector" skill now has only 3 levels instead of 5. Values for each level are 3/4/5 m. If you had 4 or 5 points in the skill, you will get the extra skill points back.
  • Introduced new award "Finishing an enemy's killstreak". When killing an enemy who is on a killstreak, you receive 5 bonus points for each of that player's kills beyond the second one. For instance, if that player had 3 kills, you will receive +5 points. If that player had 4 kills, you'll get +10 points, and so on.
  • A kill with a trap or a mine now provides +5 points.
  • When killing your own character (suicide) you will not lose team points in "Team deathmatch" and "Slaughter" game modes.
  • Introduced new icons for the kill log: kill with a ricochet, kill from a hip, kill through an obstacle, blind kill (under the effect of a flashbang grenade).

Weapons and equipment

  • Introduced new assault rifle Famas (Scavengers faction, tier 5).
  • Introduced new 20 and 40 cartridge magazines for the following weapons: Famas, M4A1, H&K 416А5, FN FNC, MSBS Radon, L85A2.
  • PPSh-41: decreased muzzle flash brightness when firing.
  • C-4 now disappears when the character who placed it dies.
  • "Sokol" set: "Sensor radius +50%" bonus replaced with "Energy recovery speed +10%".
  • Added four balaclava models: one hole, three holes, buff (neck gaiter) and kufiya. Each faction gets its own balaclava model. Tactical glasses are now available in the game, and each balaclava has two versions: with and without the glasses. Balaclavas can also be equipped into a visual character slot.
  • Improved visual look of many decals. It's now not possible to stretch decals over the whole character (but you can still change scale of the decals).

Game modes

  • Team deathmatch: kill reward increased from 15 to 20 points.
  • Slaughter: kill reward decreased from 15 to 10 points, points lost on death decreased from -5 to -2.
  • Research: reward for killing an attacker increased from 5 to 10 points, kill reward decreased from 10 to 5 points, added a new kill reward inside the capture zone (10 points).
  • Search and destroy: kill reward increased from 10 to 30 points, kill assist reward increased from 5 to 10 points, added a new reward for killing an enemy with the artifact (10 points).
  • Battery Retrieval: kill reward decreased from 10 to 5 points, maximum reward for carrying a battery increased from 20 to 40 points, maximum reward for carrying a stolen battery increased from 40 to 60 points, reward for finding a battery increased from 5 to 20 points, reward for delivering a battery to the container increased from 5 to 10 points.


  • Rudnya, Vostok Radar Station, Vector Laboratory: it's no longer possible to reach certain spots allowing to see through objects.
  • CNPP Cooling Tower: fixed spots allowing you to leave the location boundaries.

Summer event in Survarium

  • Take part in the summer event! From July 31 to August 10, play in PvP-matches and earn event currency: symbols of herbs, fire and sun. Collect enough symbols and exchange them for unique rewards!
  • The following items are available for exchange: Vepr "Summer heat 2020" and VSK-94 "Summer heat 2020" assault rifles, "Summer badge II" decal.
  • For the first victory in a PvP-match during the event you will get "Summer badge I" decal for free!
  • "Summer badge I" provides +5% bonus to experience. "Summer badge II" provides +10% bonus to spare parts.
  • Set of both decals additionally provides +5% to both experience and spare parts.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue when a character lost too much energy after being hit from a shotgun.
  • Fixed an issue when a stationary sensor had collision before it was placed.
  • Fixed an issue when a character died at the end of a round in "Search and destroy" mode if that character was receiving a periodical damage (from an anomaly, a sponge, etc) or an explosive damage.
  • Fixed an issue when incorrect match result was displayed (victory instead of defeat or vice versa).
  • Fixed incorrect reward for destroying a sensor from a shotgun.
  • Fixed an issue when reputation and experience were not updated when receiving corresponding rewards in Team Missions.