Survarium Update 0.69

The List of Changes in Survarium 0.69a

General Changes

  • In Slaughter you can't take more than one smoke grenade (if your character profile has more, only one will be available).
  • In training against bots and in the shooting range ammo and supplies are now unlimited.
  • You can now pick up your own supplies (explosives and traps). If you have free space for a corresponding supply, your character picks it up. Otherwise it's destroyed.
  • Added transparency to nicknames of allies, totems icons, and ammo boxes icons when aiming down sights. You can change transparency level in game settings (Transparency of allies' names).
  • When picking up an artifact without having a free container, an artifact with the lowest time remaining will be replaced with the new one.
  • When your character dies, you can no longer observe dead players, including your own.
  • Bots no longer attack in melee, they only shoot.
  • Owners of a premium weapon now get a regular version camo as well (a camo on the rare or faction version of the weapon). When using a regular camo, bonuses of premium camo do not apply to the weapon!
  • Respawn protection is disabled in Team Deathmatch mode when characters on one team can no longer resurrect (skull stage). This means that when going into the enemy respawn opponents will not be automatically displayed on the mini map and their screen won't be greyed out.
  • After losing server connection players with batteries and artifacts in their hands automatically drop the object. This applies to all game modes including Team Missions (PvE).
  • Improved balancing during matchmaking. Now the system tries to balance not only sum of the ratings, but also ratings on the best two players on each team (if there are 4 or more players in each team) or four best players on each team (if there are 6 or more players in each team).
  • Upon loggin into the game players with a "bad" name will get rename voucher for free. Player's name is considered bad when it starts with "survivor" following by numbers. The voucher is awarded only to the players who finished or skipped the tutorial (because after the tutorial you can already change the name for free).
  • Modules of max quality (purple ones) now can be used to upgrade other modules.
  • Premium ammo no longer drop after matches. We want to remove from the game altogether soon.

Weapons and supplies

  • Introduced a new Aperture optical sight, x3/x6.
  • You can now install optical sights on SMGs.
  • H&K MP7: introduced new magazines holding 30 and 40 bullets.
  • Fort-17: now magazine has 13 bullets.
  • Uzi: now magazine has 20 bullets.
  • KRISS Vector: changed burst fire, now two bullets instead of three.
  • Winchester 1894: now magazine has 7 bullets.
  • Mobile ammo box now restores up to half of your maximum ammo count (supplies are restored as before). For instance, if you have 20 ammo left out of 100, the box will restore +50 ammo (100/2). Stationary ammo boxes work the same way as before.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated several strings in Spanish localization.
  • Fixed a spot where you could look through the ceiling on Adandoned Base location.
  • Fixed a spot where you could look through the ceiling on Vector Laboratory location.