2013 Game Development Timeline

Hi everybody! Following our tradition to be utterly open to the players, we are eager to share our development plans for Survarium, so as the expectations of when and which game elements you can see in-game. What follows is a brief list of the planned versions, their approximate release dates and the features to be included in those updates. Generalized, we have these data arranged into a development timeline table presented below.
development timeline

Let us draw your attention to the point that this list is merely a representation of our plans. Those may be subject to change, depending on our progress. In case of such changes, we will not hesitate to inform you through our web-site.

v0.1 – Alpha version (Q2, 2013)

Starting from this version we will be inviting players to help us out with testing the game. Alpha version is a rather early game compilation with many of the planned features still missing. But it forms the basis for new game elements and functionality to be added later. The main focus when developing this version will be made on the network optimization, client and server stability, so as testing of the gameplay balance and the damage system.

What to expect in this version:

  • working PvP mode;
  • four game maps;
  • two factions (Scavengers and Black Market);
  • in-game system of tasks.

v0.2 – Clans, rankings and achievements (Q2-3, 2013)

In this version we plan to add player clans support. In its initial implementation, the feature is going to be very basic, but it will allow us to add interesting in-game clan-related mechanics in future.

The key new element is going to be the system of ranking and achievements added to the game. We will share more details as to how this is going to be implemented in one of the next developer video diaries.

We will also continue working on improving the combat element of the game. At this stage, we plan adding the close combat mechanism, so as to enable the players climb relatively low objects, overcome barriers etc.

What to appear in this version:

  • player clans (basic implementation);
  • ranking and achievements system;
  • close combat system;
  • interaction with the in-game environment.

v0.3 – Global map (Q3, 2013)

The key new feature of this version will be the introduction of global map and possibility for the clans to fight for control over the territories. The second key new feature will be the tournaments system to allow the players determine who the strongest, fastest and most accurate is by combating face-to-face.

On top of that, we would like to implement in that version a system to enable clans and individual players to impact the balance of forces on the server (for example, in the conflict between Scavengers and Black Market).

The final bonus will be the introduction of a new game map.

What to appear in this version:

  • global map;
  • tournaments system;
  • possibility of players to impact the story;
  • fifth game map.

v0.4 – Objects modification (Q3-4, 2013)

Equipment search and modification is an important feature of Survarium. Starting from version 0.4 you will be able to locate various parts and modules which will allow you to make your equipment even better.

The second important innovation is going to be the introduction of two new factions in the game.

What to appear in this version:

  • equipment search and modification;
  • two new factions.

v0.5 – Beta version (Q4, 2013)

t the end of this year we expect to reach the Beta status of the game. What does it mean to us? First of all, this means we plan to open the game access to a larger number of players. Most likely, it’s going to be an open beta. But in case of huge influx of new players we could temporarily hold up the admission of new players to ensure the increased server capacities, so as not to spoil the fun for those who already got the game access and have pulled through the alpha test crucible with us.

As for the pleasing additions, we will introduce the clan upgrades system (more details on it to be shared later) and the auction for the players to trade in the game.

What to appear in this version:

  • clan upgrades system;
  • in-game auction;
  • open game access.

Those are the plans we have for 2013. What next? Certainly, we do not intend to stop at that point. We will continue introducing new maps, factions and items, so as adding a ton of gameplay tweaks to make it all even more fun. But our biggest expectations are for a new play mode to be introduced. Which of the two modes will appear next – Co-op or Freeplay, is to be announced later. We estimate the new game mode to become available in version 0.8, which is planned for Q2-3 2014.