2014 Development Timeline

A year has passed since the posting of the project development timeline and it is time we drew up the quick summary of what has been done and what not, so as our plans for the upcoming year.

Unfortunately, almost all the last year we spent fighting with technical issues and implementation of the network protocol of the game. As you know, last May we started the Closed Alpha test which revealed a lot of problems with the network part, especially for the players with poor Internet connection. It took us all the way up to mid-October to finalize all the issues and debug the code, which in turn, has considerably influenced our development plans.

Creation of the unique PvP mode which has been liked by many players becase an important achievement of this year. Though it is still not without faults, your feedback and support demonstrate that we’ve been moving in the right direction.

Now briefly on what we plan to do in the next year:

For the start of 2014 we plan the next big update which will contain a new user interface, artifacts, Mamayev Kurgan in-game location, so as a system of game tasks. The most interesting and important clause in that list is the system of in-game tasks to allow players improve their reputation with the factions. On top of that, this will allow us add the gear of the Renaissance Army and the Fringe Settlers to the game.

Following that, part of our team will start working on the Freeplay mode. We expect to be able to demonstrate the first results as soon as by summer, so that by the end of 2014 we could get down to testing that mode. First off, the players who have earned their reputation throughout the closed beta testing will be admitted.

The rest of the team will continue working on improvements to the PvP mode, so as develop the game elements to come in handy both for PvP and the Co-Op modes.

Q1, 2014

On top of a large number of smaller changes, we plan to focus on the team-play game possibilities. This includes support for both squads for playing with friends, and the clans.

Q2, 2014

For this period we plan two important updates. First off, the anomalous Storm which will considerably impact the gameplay, especially at the later stages of the battle. Secondly, the game character customization system.

Q3, 2014

The third quarter will be dedicated to the clan game improvements. We plan to integrate the clan wars for territories, a separate clan ranking system. Also, from that moment we plan to start telling the story of the world of Survarium. The players will have a number of in-game events to allow them explore the game world better and influence its future, available.

Q4, 2014

At the end of the year we will fully focus on polishing the Freeplay game mode. The first stage will be held at the dedicated closed servers with a limited number of players admitted. Our goal is to have this mode appear on the official servers by the next New Year.

Please, note the list above is a mere representation of our plans. They could change depending on our progress. In case of such changes we will duly notify you about that on our web-site.

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