2014 Roundup

2014 is coming to an end. A year of great change and new discoveries. On this occasion we have prepared a series of materials to commemorate the old year and to talk a little bit about what is planned for the next year.

So, what was memorable for us in 2014? Exactly one year ago we launched the closed beta test to give players an opportunity to try an early version of the game. Much has changed in the project over the year. Probably there is no part of the game which has not been repeatedly altered during this year. Of course it was important to strike a balance between adding new and improving old content. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to implement everything. The start of OBT in June revealed a lot of problems, requiring a fast fix and this influenced the development rate of the expected features such as anomalous storm and free play mode.

We have prepared a short presentation showing how Survarium has changed over the past year.

Now a little about what awaits us in the next year. We decided to gather our thoughts and ideas for improvement in several articles, each focused on a specific part of the game. These articles will be published gradually, when ready. Now, for starters, a summary of the "next series".

Part 1. Anomalies and artifacts.

In this article we will discuss the pros and cons of the current anomalies and artifacts system. We’ll describe what changes we plan to make in the near future. Also we will go through the third of the planned branches of the character skills, devoted to the knowledge of the world and interaction with anomalies and artifacts.

Part 2. Changes in factions.

When developing the current system we have laid the idea that all factions are divided into starting and full factions. The starting ones are needed so that players can quickly learn and the best weapons and equipment are available only in the full factions. This system fitted quite well in the game universe but had some drawbacks. Many players wanted to continue playing for Scavengers or Black market. After analyzing all the pros and cons, we decided to do make all four factions equal. This means that The Renaissance Army and The Fringe Settlers will have some starting gear and Scavengers and Black Market will get, on the contrary, higher-level gear and weapons. In this article we will consider this change in detail.

Part 3. The development of PVP.

In the latest update, we conducted an experiment with the introduction to the game one of the classic PVP modes, "Team Deathmatch". The result has fully justified our expectations, so we expanded the list of scheduled PVP modes. In this article we will talk about what will be added to the game in the first place. Oh and we will not forget about the anomalous storm, of course.

Part 4. Free Play mode.

The fourth part will be devoted to probably the most anticipated new feature - the free play mode. In this article we will answer some questions to give you an idea of what it will look like.

Part 5. The Storyline.

We have repeatedly stated that we see Survarium as something more than just an online shooter. One of the ideas that we want to implement is the development of the game world and storyline. In this article we will tell you more about how we see it.

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