33 years since the Chernobyl Disaster. We remember

One of the biggest technological disasters in the history of mankind, Chernobyl accident, happened at 01:23:40 AM Moscow time on April 26, 1986. Exactly 33 years ago.

This is not the first and, alas, not the last accident at a nuclear plant. Back in 1975 a similar disaster happened at the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant which uses the same reactor type – RBMK. Fortunately, back then the consequences were not so dire. Alas, five-year plans were more important to the soviet leaders than well being of the USSR citizens and ecology, so the accident was made top secret, and RBMK reactors were not modernized to prevent further disasters.

The result of this was horrible. Thousands of human lives lost, radiation poisoning of many European countries (even though Ukraine, Belorussia and Russia were affected the most, radioactive caesium-137 reach even Great Britain, Italy and Norwey), mass disbelief to nuclear energy and escalation of nuclear power debate. The accident showed how dangerous untamed nuclear power can be.

Chernobyl disaster 33 years later. We remember!

But it could have been much worse if not for the deeds of the people who sacrificed their lives to put out the fires and clear radioactive debris. We thank all firemen, soldiers and CNPP personnel – everyone who was on the first line of defense against the elements. We do not forget the technological disaster of the century and the deeds of the Chernobyl liquidators. Because oblivion is the worst that can happen to the humanity.

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