34 Years Since The CNPP Accident. We Remember

Chernobyl – the word has become notorious when people think back to the largest ever man-made catastrophe in modern history. April 26th 1986 left a permanent mark in the world's consciousness and continues to warn us all against playing carelessly with the forces of nature, when the price of human mistake could become infinitely high, taking thousands of lives, leaving hundreds of thousands of crippled and millions of square kilometers affected by radioactive rain.

Yet, the consequences could have been much worse, without the heroic and self-sacrificing actions of the people who were the first on site to deal with the fires and shovel the radioactive debris from the ruined reactor, practically bare-handed. We are eternally thankful to all the firemen, the soldiers and CNPP personnel – everyone who was on the front-line facing an invisible threat. The heroic deeds of the Chernobyl liquidators will forever stay in our hearts! We still remember.

Photo provided by www.chernobylzone.com.ua, thanks Anton Yuhimenko!

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