Changes to Premium Items in 0.30

In Survarium 0.30 premium weapons and equipment will significantly change. But before going into details, let us explain how we see the role of premium items in the game.

First of all, one of our basic rules is no pay2win mechanics. This means that premium weapons and equipment must not give any additional benefits in battle. So the players can always craft similar (or even stronger) items without spending real money.

Also premium weapons and equipment have to be visually different from their standard counterparts.

Finally, premium weapons and equipment must make the gameplay more comfortable. At the moment this is achieved via bonus experience, reputation or money. But the implementation of this feature led to a problem: premium weapons and equipment became weaker than similar non-premium items with three modifiers. This is because the major part of premium items had only one battle upgrade. The other two modifiers affected experience, reputation or silver gain.

In Survarium 0.30 we introduce a number of changes designed to improve the quality of premium items, while maintaining parity between them and non-premium items. Now premium items will have three random upgrades and one preset modifier that increases experience or reputation. The three battle modifiers are assigned randomly upon purchase. You will also be able to change these upgrades just like on all other items with random modifications.

Thus, buying a premium item will allow you to significantly save time that would be spent on upgrading the item to the maximum level. An additional premium modifier that increases experience or reputation will is a lovely bonus.

Please note that players with premium items will not receive any benefits in combat. Premium items allow to level up faster, but not to make a character stronger than his opponents.

With the release of the update the characteristics of already purchased premium weapons and equipment will change. Changes will occur according to the rules below.

- If current random upgrades do not affect experience, reputation, or silver gain, they remain unchanged.
- If current random upgrades affect experience, reputation, or silver gain, they will be replaced with random battle modifiers.
- These random modifiers can be changed further.
- Each premium-item gets a new modifier that increases either silver, or experience, or reputation gain (depending on the item type).

Leave your feedback about these changes on forums. And see you in Survarium 0.30!

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