Cologne Bridge in Survarium (video)

Cologne Bridge is the first location in Survarium outside the former USSR and one of the favorite maps of the community. Learn more about how the location was created by reading a short interview with Nickolay Gatilov, Art Director of Survarium. Also watch videos on Survarium coub-channel and compare Cologne Bridge in the game with the real one!

How did you come up with the idea to recreate Cologne Bridge in the game?

Nickolay Gatilov: After lectures at GDC 2013 we were taking a stroll through Cologne. We were very impressed by the Cathedral and the Hohenzollern Bridge. And suddenly it struck us: we should definitely design Cologne Bridge map for Survarium and show it at Gamescom 2014.

How much close does the virtual Cologne Bridge comes to the real one? What was modeled after the bridge, and what did you have to add?

Nickolay: It wasn’t our goal to make sure the virtual bridge is identical to the original. We just wanted to convey the main image, the monumentality of engineering. Next we thought on the general idea of the level, why people actually stayed on the bridge.

Residential buildings, elevators for food and the vegetation on the bridge are, of course, fictional.

Have you thought about creating not only the Bridge but also the famous Cologne Cathedral?

Nickolay: That was the original idea, but time and resources did not allow us to act so boldly. We planned to add verticality to the level, so survivors could fight under the bridge. However, after the discussion we decided to abandon this idea. However, we added a few levels on the bridge itself.

What was the feedback from German players and the press? Were there suggestions on how to improve the map, which you considered?

Nickolay: It is difficult to judge objectively whether German press and the community really liked the location. We believe this is one of the favorite maps of all our players, not only the German ones.

I recall there was a suggestion from the fans of the Fußball-Club Köln football club. They asked us to use the logo of their favorite team anywhere in the level. We agreed and added the club graffiti to one of the walls.

What challenges did you face when working on the map?

Nickolay: Same as with other locations. We wanted to add more content but didn’t have much time. And we also tried to convey the story and the basic idea to the players. It was important for players to actually believe that such a catastrophe could happen in Cologne.

Also, due to the fact that the bridge is an open and long location, we had to think hard on how to design the level so that some players would not have an advantage over others, and how to keep a balance on the map. That’s how we came to the location you now see in Survarium.

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