Creation of Mamayev Kurgan

The Motherland Calls monument in Survarium

Mamayev Kurgan in Survarium is based on the memorial complex in Volgograd, commemorating a decisive battle between the Soviet army and German troops (from September 1942 to January 1943). The main monument is the sculpture "The Motherland Calls" that has been completely recreated in Survarium.

Anatoly Didok, 3D Artist of Vostok Games, explains how Mamaev Kurgan was designed in the game. Also check out the video comparison of the location in the game with its real life counterpart and the render of the statue The Motherland Calls in the game!

Why did you decide to add Mamayev Kurgan to the game?

Anatoly: Mamayev Kurgan is symbol of strength, permanence. We wanted to have a location in the game that would immediately impress players with its monumentality and grandeur.

How similar is the virtual Mamayev Kurgan to the real one? What did you add to the location?

Anatoly: Sculptural monuments (The Motherland Calls, The Hall of Military Glory) are designed as close to the originals as possible. But we also took into account the influence of the Forest and time.

The Motherland Calls in Survarium is fully consistent with the original, but its size has been reduced. In reality, the monument is much, much bigger. We tried to make it so that players would not notice it, but at the same time to make the statue fit perfectly into the location.

However, the torch in The Hall of Military Fame was enlarged to make the sculpture look more epic.

What problems had to be solved during the creation of the monuments?

Anatoly: The most interesting task is to show the aging of the monument, so that it is still recognizable and has not lost its ideological value, but also fits well into the concept of the game.

What references were used in designing the sculptures?

Anatoly: Mostly pictures found on the Internet. On one hand, we tried to reproduce the most well-known elements of the memorial complex in Survarium. On the other, we wanted to show how this place would look after the environmental disaster.

There's a fire anomaly In the center of the location. Tell us more about it.

Anatoly: The so-called “Gates of Hell” in Turkmenistan served as a prototype of the anomaly. According to the plot, due to a fierce confrontation between the Renaissance Army and the Forest, a tectonic shift occurred on the territory of the memorial complex. So the gape formed in the center of the location. Gas, seeping through the rocks, burns and emits toxic fumes dangerous to all living things.

Survarium location: Mamayev Kurgan, torch in The Hall of Military Glory

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