Creation of Tarakanovsky Fort

Today we continue the story of Tarakanovsky Fort in Survarium. Learn the details of creating this map in an exclusive interview with Vostok Games Art Director, Nickolay Gatilov. As a bonus check out previously unreleased concept art of Tarakanovsky Fort and a new coub video!

How did you come to the idea of recreating Tarakanovsky Fort in the game? Why did you choose this fortress of all the defensive structures in Ukraine?

Nickolay: When we were contemplating our next location someone said: why not design a map located in Ukraine? As Kyiv and other cities/areas have already been used in video games (and we wanted something unique), one of the options was Tarakanovsky Fort. It is located not far from Kyiv, so we took the cameras and went shooting on a weekend.

Our guide met us there, he showed us the buildings: barracks, domestic buildings for soldiers, defensive walls. He told us how the fort was built and how it was used during different periods of history.

The guide was very interesting to listen to, because he definitely loves his job, and also he’s got a diploma on the history of Tarakanovsky Fort. He also showed us a plan of the Fort, which he used during study for his diploma.

Survarium concept art: anomaly in the center of Tarakanovsky Fort

Is the virtual Tarakanovsky Fort much similar to its prototype? What was modeled from the fortress, and what did you have to create?

Nickolay: This location is 60% identical to the real object. However, many rooms are closed or cut off. We only created features that reveal the story of the game, for example, that fort is the base of The Fringe Settlers who live on the very border of the Forest.

How did players and the press react to the location? Were there suggestions on how to improve the map that you actually considered?

Nickolay: The reaction is always both positive and negative. If the criticism is constructive, we listen to the suggestions of players, but there were no useful suggestions to improve the map.

Survarium concept art: makeshift beds and shelves in Tarakanovsky Fort

Why did you choose the Fort to be the place where there’s a link between the populated part of the world and the Forest?

Nickolay: The Fort is most appropriate for The Fringe Settlers in terms of visual style, and the name of the faction itself implies that it is at the edge of the struggle with the Forest. In the end, the fortress was chosen to become the link between the survivors world and the Forest.

Were there any interesting ideas that you considered but never implemented?

Nickolay: Well, we wanted to show how the uranium crystals appeared in the center of the map. The idea was to add a huge container of crystals which was used by the Fringe Settlers to combat the Forest. But the container was dropped in the center of the Fort, and the crystals had covered most of the territory of the fortress.

Also one side of the Fort was supposed to host much more scary vegetation. Perhaps the participants of closed beta remember these trees. Thus, we wanted to show the contrast between the two worlds. However, I think we’ll return to this idea.

Survarium concept art: dead trees in Tarakanovsky Fort

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