Adapter Contest Results

A few days ago we finished our Adapter Meme Contest in which participants were asked to make a funny picture with one of a series and to submit a funny caption. We are happy to announce that the contest was very cheerful and participants made a large number of funny images.

Beginner’s Guide: First Battle

Survivors, we’re happy to announce the next episode of the Survarium Beginner’s Guide. This video will show different nuances of the first battle in the game. We hope that our video guides will help new players to better adapt to the conditions in the world of Survarium. As always we’d be grateful for your feedback and comments.

We say "NO!" to cheaters!

We would like to remind our players that the use of prohibited software is a serious violation of the game and is punished by permanent ban. During regular inspections we banned several dozens of accounts whose owners have used cheat programs to get advantages in the game.

Premium Compensation

Due to technical problems with the game servers on the evening of November 4 2014, all players with an active premium account (at this time) will receive compensation of 12 hours of premium.

New Survarium Fan Art

Another portion of Survarium Fan Art was added our website’s gallery. This time you’ll see the characters of the game world in the imaginations of Survarium's fans. Such works are of particular interest because thanks to them we get a good opportunity to look at Survarium from a different angle.

November Calendar Released

We’re into the second last month of what has been a very busy year of development. Holidays are just around the corner but until then, work continues at full steam. Today we present you with a new calendar for the forthcoming month of November. Enjoy it!

Beta Test Diary #10

Today we continue to acquaint you with the Survarium development process and talk about future plans. In today’s Beta Test Diary #10, we talk about the forthcoming changes to the skill system, additional equipment profiles, improvement of the damage system and so on.

Adapter 35 and a New Contest!

Our expert on survival, Gleb Skorobogatov, continues to release new episodes of the "Adapter" project. During Instruction 35, the author explores more abandoned places and shows you how to safely cross a shallow, but treacherous river by foot.

Beginner's Guide: Game Lobby

This is the second Survarium video guide on the official Vostok Games channel! In this episode we pay close attention to the game lobby; the first thing you see when entering the game. As always, we'll be grateful for your feedback and comments. We wish you pleasant viewing, enjoy!

Game Updated to 0.25b

Update 0.25b has been uploaded to the game servers. Here's an overview of the changes we've got with this patch.
A number of technical and in-game issues have been fixed; starting levels range in matchmaking was reduced; a few tweaks were made to the user interface.

Survarium OBT in Poland

Vostok Games is pleased to announce Survarium will go Open-Beta by the end of November 2014 in Poland. Alongside the online version, the game will be available as a special Box Edition published in cooperation with IMGN.PRO. The game will also be accompanied by the best-selling novel from the Survarium universe, written by legendary Andrei Lewicki and published by Fabryka Słów.

Concept Art Gallery Updated

A few Work-In-Progress images created by Vostok Games artists have been added to Concept Art Gallery. Some of the ideas depicted in them, were not included in the game, but to us, that doesn't make them any less interesting. Enjoy!