The ban list update

The Vostok Games team keeps fighting against "cheaters". 60 new players have been added to the black list. "Cheaters" should keep in mind that now the game is tested not only in automatic mode, but also manually using the match replay function. Thus, we made another step towards those players who prefer a fair fight.

New location screenshots

The struggle for existence in the world of Survarium takes palce everywhere: on the far banks of the Rhine, and among the remains of the Novosibirsk scientific center. Survivors searching for necessary resources made a took a few shots of the "Vector Laboratory" and the "Cologne Bridge".

Music Contest Gains Momentum!

Thanks to the Music Contest announced late in August, we have seen that there are not only writers and artists among the fans of Survarium but also composers. Just in two weeks the contest track lists collected more than a hundred works in different music styles! They‘re all available to listen to on our SoundCloud channel.

See yourself in Survarium!

We are pleased to announce our new photo contest: "See yourself in Survarium!" The essence of the contest is quite simple. Send your pictures to with the subject "Photo contest" (please don’t forget to include your name and surname).

Cologne Bridge Concept Art Added!

With the introduction of "Cologne Bridge", the territory of Survarium expanded outside of the former USSR for the first time. Vostok Games' artists had to create the most atmospheric image of the new location; keeping in mind that it had that suffered the invasion of the Forest. Today we present you with several sketches of the Bridge.

The Winners of Adapter Contest

A contest on survival gear for summer was announced in “Adapter #24”. The first five participants who gave the correct answers will get an exclusive titanium Survarium badge that was produced in the collaboration with Gleb Skorobogatov himself.

Adapter Instruction #19

Today we’re pleased to publish the new "Adapter" video. In episode No. 19, experienced survivalist Gleb Skorobogatov continues his search for drinking water and shows ingenuity in the fight against the scorching sun. We hope you enjoy the video!

Avatars Updated!

It’s been a while since our forum avatar list was updated. Today we bring you 6 new ones to choose from; exclusively from the Renaissance Army and the Fringe Setters Factions. As time goes on we will continue to update the library to give our community as much choice as possible.

Gamescom Roundup

Today we bring you a little more information on our time spent at Gamescom 2014. Included in this news item are press links with reviews on the current build of the game; gameplay videos, new photos and a short video (below) from the Vostok Games team. It was a fantastic event and very successful for Vostok Games and Survarium alike.

Survarium Coub Contest results

Survarium coub contest has come to an end. We previously announced that five winners would get the prizes, but you send us a lot more interesting coubs than we expected. Taking this into account the jury has decided to place two people in each place. The contest results can be found here.

September Calendar Released!

Cologne is a city of centuries-old history, which could not avoid the fate of other locales around the globe at the time of the Green Apocalypse. The Survivors camp had been posing resistance for not as long as expected, only to give way to the Forest invasion.

Beta Test Diary #9

We are glad to inform the ninth eidition of the Beta Test Diary is out now.
Read on to find out what the development team is busy with at the moment and what are the next plans for the game.