Survarium Soundtrack is available online

A fragment of the Survarium title musical theme in the 8th Vostok Games video diary. We’ve promised to release the full version of the track, and we're happy to announce that this moment has come! Thanks for waiting! Visit the official Survarium SoundCloud channel and listen to the track. Feel free to leave your comments and likes.

Fighting cheaters continues

Discouraging players from cheating is one of our important tasks. Vostok Games continues dealing with cheaters, and more than 100 names have been added to the current list of blocked accounts. You can find a complete list of violators here.

Survarium on Coub

Survarium keeps expanding its presence in the network - this time it's the popular Coub service where we've just started an official channel for the game! Alongside the launch we are glad to present you a few exclusive videos, the number of which will certainly keep growing through time.

Beta Test Diary #8

We’re glad to announce that a new Beta Test diary is available for reading on the forum. From the 8th edition you will learn what the developers are doing at the moment and what the team’s plans are. The diary covers such topics as tougher measures against cheaters, changing the game rules for new locations, update of all the player movement animations and more.

New concept art of "Vector"

Vector Laboratory's scientific research was interrupted by the onslaught of the Forest. This encounter ended badly either for the laboratory or the scientists working in it. You can see for yourselves the consequences of the tragedy in the concept art of this new game location.

Cheaters Never Prosper!

We at Vostok Games, from the beginning openly declared that we do not believe in cheating in games. Thanks to the possibility for our system to automatically track dishonest players (as made possible by a new feature added to the game in the latest patch, Version 0.23h we were able to identify the most notorious offenders whose have been locked and all of them added to the “Black List”.

"Fan Art" Section update!

We updated our Fan Art Gallery with new artwork from Survarium fans. You can find it in the corresponding section of our site.

Game Update 0.23h

Good day Survivors! Today we give you Survarium update 0.23h. Let’s see what changes have been made. Properties of some types of equipment were changed in this patch, "The Renaissance Army" and "The Fringe Settlers" now sell some new equipment, the system of complaints and praises was added, a few changes in quest awards and so on.

Sending out the Survarium Founders packs!

We’re glad to inform you that we have begun sending out the Survarium Founders Packs to everyone who participated in a special campaign from December 27, 2013 to May 12, 2014. Owners of Veteran, Master and Legendary packs will finally get their hands on their unique items and bonuses!

Project Adapter. Instruction #20

We continue to keep you in shape with our Project Adapter video instructions on survival. This time Gleb Skorobogatov explores a dead city, explains how to make the very basic sun glasses, get yourself protected against insects and more tips in this Instruction #20. Feel free to share your feedback with us on forum.

Developer Diary 8 Released!

Today, after a long and often difficult road we bring you a new Developer Diary video; This time, speaking to many members of the team and getting their impressions and hopes for the Russian OBT as well as the future plans for the International OBT.

July Calendar Released!

Greetings everyone, we’re now into the second half of the year. Yes, already! We can’t believe it ourselves. As tradition dictates we are pleased to once again present you with a new calendar for your desktop, snapped on a particularly beautiful day in Rudnya. Enjoy it!