Development Status Update

We have been working on the game at an almost flat-out pace the last few months to ready the client for the Russian OBT. Today, we have reached our goal; having said that, we are currently putting together the plans for the international release - the negotiations with potential publishers will continue, so as the development of the game.

Adapter Instruction #54

We bring you yet another video in our Adapter series. This time, while exploring a derelict laboratory we learn how to utilize an eye-patch to increase visibility in the dark along with many other useful bits of information. We hope you enjoy the video and be sure to keep a look out for more Adapter series videos in the future.

Survarium Support Section Opened!

Since the launch of the Survarium helpdesk we have processed a large number of applications. Through direct collaboration with the players, we’ve been able deal with every issue individually, listen to a lot of good ideas and suggestions and pick out the most popular requests.

Version 0.23a Released!

Good day Survivors. Today we’ve released Version 0.23a for the Survarium client. While most new versions contain a multitude of content additions, 23a is more of a stability and tweaking update. We’ve solved some major bugs that were causing some game imbalances.

Developer Chat Q&A 3

We are continuing our Developer Q&A series with another instalment of questions and answers. Today we present part number 3. As with previous posts in the series, all questions have been submitted by community members. Enjoy!

Vector Location Revealed!

Today we reveal a brand-new location, The Vector Laboratory. It is a location with a terrifying backstory; consisting of tragedy, hope and ultimately, destruction. Together with your friends you will be able to explore and uncover the mysteries behind the experiments that took place there. For a more detailed description check out the Locations section.

Adapter Instruction #10

Today we bring you another Adapter Instruction video. This time, our host spends some time with a Geiger counter, an abandoned factory and various items with which to make fire. Take a moment to watch this video as the information is detailed, crucial to survival and interesting. To make sure you never miss a single video in the future, subscribe to our “Youtube” channel.

New Screenshots Released!

Work on Survarium continues at an ever increasing pace. Things are going well and to acknowledge this we have decided to release "6 brand-new screenshots"., one from each of the current locations. Examine them closely; they contain a lot of detail. As always we wish to thank you all for your on-going support!

June Calendar Released!

Greetings Survivors! Can you believe half the year has already gone by? We’ve had our heads down and so focussed on the project we hardly noticed. As always, a new month brings a new calendar; this time a beautiful shot from a location in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Rudnya. We hope you enjoy it!

Developer Q&A Part 2

Today, as promised, we bring you the second part of a recent developer Q&A between our Russian community and our development team. A lot of insight into the current and future plans for Survarium is exposed in some rather interesting questions. Remember, we are currently gathering questions from our English community to put forward to our developers so if you’ve got questions in mind, please ask them here.

Developer Q&A

Last week we answered a list of questions from the Russian-speaking Survarium community. The interview is huge so today we are only publishing the first part of the Q&A. The rest of the interview will be posted in a few days. Also we are glad to announce the English-speaking community Q&A. Feel free to ask anything about Survarium here and in due course we will publish it in a similar manner.