Survarium updated to version 0.19a

Through the entire January the team have been working full-throttle to update the current Beta of Survarium and finally, we are happy to inform a big content patch upgrading the game to version 0.19a has been uploaded to the game servers.

February Calendar Released

Dear Survivors, can you believe we are already into the second month of 2014?! As tradition dictates we are glad to present you with another new monthly desktop calendar, this time from Rudnya. Enjoy!

New in-game screens

The Media section of the website has been updated with new screenshots. Today we've got new still shots from several in-game locations - Rudnya, School, Chemical Plant and Tarakanovsky fort – all added to the gallery. The images display the latest modifications to the game levels and the weather effects in Survarium.

F.A.Q. Updated

Keeping with our promise of always doing our very best to stay in touch with our community and keep you all up to date with progress, we’re happy to inform you that the FAQ has been updated with a few items.

Server Downtime

Dear Survivors, we would just like to inform you that from 3am to 7am (Moscow time) our servers will be offline for routine maintenance. We expect the game and website to respond a bit faster once work has been done. We apologise for the inconvenience and we’ll let you know as soon as they are back online.

January Calendar Released

A new year is upon us and we’re starting it off with a fresh calendar. This year sees us approach the monthly calendars in a slightly different design interpretation. We really hope you enjoy this atmospheric shot from the Tarakanovsky Fort location.

2014 Development Timeline

A year has passed since the posting of the project development timeline and it is time we drew up the quick summary of what has been done and what not, so as our plans for the upcoming year.

Survarium Founder Packs Launched

Soon the adventures into the world of Survarium will begin, with its every inhabitant searching for his own path amidst the aggressive nature and hostile factions. Today you have a possibility to prepare yourself for the fight for survival in advance by using one of our unique Founder Packs.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I’m sure we are not the only ones wondering just where this year went. It seems to have passed by so quickly. So much has happened with so much more still to come. For now though, it is time to relax, take some time to enjoy the holidays and recharge your batteries for the upcoming year.

Survarium "Among Us" - Contest Finished

In late November we closed entries for the photo contest (link to the contest page). Participants provided a variety of unusual and interesting photos of different types.
The jury, having carefully studied the photos, chose the following winners.

Closed-Beta Testing and Invites Lottery

Today, after many months of hard work from the staff at Vostok Games and our testers, we are extremely happy to announce that we are officially entering the Closed-Beta-Test for the PvP (team play) mode of Survarium. This is of course very good news for everyone interested in the project as it means that development is marching forward at a reasonable pace.