Faction Challenge Event Results

Holiday Faction Challenge Event came to an end, and today we'd like to share the results.

Faction Challenge Event Results

The Renaissanse Army has won by a noticeable margin, and in one of the upcoming updates (hopefully in Survarium 0.57) we will introduce a new weapon for the faction. More information will be available in the update's preview!

Additionally, traders of all factions reduced the prices on their stock! Lower prices will be active until Monday, January 21.

And now some statistics. During the event the players have received close to 410 million of event reputation with all factions.

607 players have received at least one of the faction weapons with unique camouflages, and 130 people managed to get all 4 weapons. Moreover, 66 players earned enough reputation to receive all possible event rewards!

Event weapons by factions are distributed as following:
The Renaissance Army – 414 Fort-401 light machine guns.
The Fringe Settlers – 291 9A-91 assault rifles.
Scavengers – 278 SVU sniper rifles.
Black Market – 247 MP7 submachine guns.

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