Forthcoming V0.20a update!

We’re working as fast as we can to please all current players of the Survarium CBT. We are at present preparing to update the game client to Version 0.20a. We expect the patch to go live Monday (March 17th) across our servers (technical works will start at 10:00 am Kiev time). We invite all participants to try out the new features and changes which we have implemented. Below you can see the full list of patch notes.

Version 0.20a

WARNING! With the release of the 0.20a update we have made significant changes to the starting equipment and overall player/game balance that requires us to reset all players back to zero. This zeroing of players’ progress (wipe) shall be the final one of its kind and in the future we no longer plan to reset characters. To compensate players their time spent on the development of their characters, we chose to give each player premium currency. The amount of compensation depends on the experience gained to date, for every 1000 experience points we will issue 2.5 Golden Rubles.

General changes

  • Added support for groups of players. Size is limited to three. When players join together as a group, they will find themselves playing in the same team. The system balances the match selection based on the strongest player.
  • We’ve added gear for both the Renaissance Army and The Fringe Settlements ". Renaissance Army players can equip an AKM. The Fringe Settlers in turn, will have the SKS carbine. We will expand the range of available equipment with each future patch.
  • Added ability to activate a premium account. Premium accounts increases all the resulting experience, reputation and money by 50%. Players who bought Founder Packs get promo codes, the use of which activates a premium account. These promo codes will be tied to your account and cannot be used to activate any other accounts.
  • Changed the mechanism for issuing assignments to players. Now each group offers only one daily task. Performing this task increases loyalty between you and the faction. Continuing to perform tasks will increase the loyalty bonus by up to 25 %. Failing to complete of task will result in a loyalty points reset. The player cans switch one task for another, so they are able to proceed through the list; when changing jobs loyalty bonus is reduced by 5 %.
  • To make life easier for new players, it was decided to add two new starting weapons - PCA and Mosin rifle. These weapons are available to all new players.
  • Added two new weapons to the Scavengers, "Cypress" and MP- 153 shotgun "Baikal".
  • Black Market Winchester 1894 added.
  • SMG 'Vityaz' removed from the shop. Maybe in the future it will be returned to the game as a bonus or award weapons.
  • Added new missions for all factions.
  • Added notifications when a new rank-reputation is achieved with factions.
  • Added dynamic lighting Particle.

Produced a massive change in the UI, including:

  • Changed the position of the minimap, now it is located in the lower left-hand corner. In the future, we will add the ability to change its position by using the "options" menu.
  • Changed the crosshair and hit indicator. Now the size of the hit indicator depends on the damage done.
  • Indicators changed over allies. Now their appearance depends on the type of equipment the player is using.
  • Added an indicator for endurance;
  • Added ability to inform the Allies about a spotted enemy.
  • Changed statistics window after the match. Now it is possible to see details of all the players and their used weapons.
  • Added different decals, Particle and sounds for the case of penetration, no penetration and rebound.
  • Added visualization location in an area of radioactivity.
  • Now you cannot procure artifacts with a battery in hand.
  • Now you cannot disarm the trap with a battery in hand.
  • Now if you kill a character at a time when he puts a battery into container the battery falls to the ground.

Balance Changes

  • Made changes to the following locations: School, Radar and Tarakanovskiy Fort.
  • Rebalanced the characteristics of weapons, ammunition and armour.
  • A backpack with a container for the artifacts is now available for newcomers.
  • Reduced weight of the larkspur artifact.
  • Reduced weight of most ammunition.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an opportunity to pick up the battery while sprinting.
  • Fixed a bug with the use of aesthetic. Reducing its effectiveness.
  • Fixed a bug with the influence of the weight on the speed of movement.
  • Fixed a bug with the working of first-aid kits, now it treats critical damage as specified.
  • Fixed crash when a player tried to change the piece of equipment, when a trap was added to their pocket.
  • Fixed crash when completing the match with activated artifact.
  • Fixed a crash in the lobby when frequent changes to equipment are being made.
  • Fixed crash when completing the game, if one of the players left the match.
  • Fixed bug in the formula for determining the best sniper.
  • Fixed the shadow of the character in the form of the first person.
  • Fixed several synchronization issues.

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