Get Double XP and Reputation during the Weekend!

Due to the issues with our hosting provider, Survarium servers were unavailable during the night from 10th to 11th January (GMT time), which coincided with the time of two faction battles. We thought about extending the event by another day, but decided that you'd like double reputation and experience during the weekend more! Additionally, all premium accounts were extended by 12 hours.

Play Survarium and get twice as much experience and reputation during the weekend when playing any PvP-matches! These bonuses stack with Premium accounts, booster packs and premium items, but are cumulative, not multiplicative. For instance, you will get x2.5 reputation and experience with Premium for every match: x2 because of the event and another x0.5 due to having a Premium account.

The event starts on January 11, 5:00 PM GMT and ends on January 14, 7:00 AM GMT. Get the weapon you want from Faction Challenge event! Good luck!

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