Halloween 2020 in Survarium is Live!

Halloween 2020 in Survarium is live and will last until November 9, 3 PM GMT! Play in any PvP-matches, receive symbols of horror and exchange them for unique Halloween-themed weapons and decal!

Halloween in Survarium

  • Halloween in Survarium lasts from October 30 to November 9 (3PM GMT)!
  • During the event School in "Search and Destoy" mode is replaced with a special Halloween-themed version!
  • For the first win in a PvP match during the event you will receive the "Frightening pumpkin" decal. It provides +5% to experience.
  • Play in PvP matches and receive symbols of terror. Amount of symbols you get depends on your place in a match, and members of the winning team receive more currency.
  • Use Halloween masks, and also Premium account to get more symbols. You can purchase masks in the shop.
  • Exchange symbols of terror for the Halloween decals and weapon with unique event camouflage!
  • You can exchange the symbols for AK-12 "Halloween 2020", APS "Halloween 2020" with unique camos and three random modifiers, and also "Heart" decal. Huge thanks to John Rivian and ODESSAmamaUA for rewards design.
  • "Heart" decal provides +5% to experience, silver and reputation.

AK-12 Halloween 2020 in Survarium

APS Halloween 2020 in Survarium

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