Halloween Event in Survarium has Begun!

Halloween in Survarium is currently active! The event lasts one week: from October 31 to November 7. During the event you will receive additional currency for completing missions: pumpkins, spiders and skulls. Collect enough of those and exchange them for the unique halloween weapons!

We'd like to make you all aware that you can also find the special in-game Halloween currency in caches during the your play-through of the PvE mission, Dangerous Knowledge.

You can get TOZ-122 "Hunter" (2nd equipment tier), H&K MP5 "Bloodlust" (3rd equipment tier) and Glock 17 "The Hallowed Night" (4th equipment tier).

Moreover, for the first victory during the Halloween event you will get a magical pumpkin hat. Put on the hat to receive more pumpkins, spiders and skulls for the missions! Premium account increases the amount of currency as well.

TOZ-122 "Hunter" (tier 2) - a reward for Halloween 2017 in Survarium


Glock 17

Gather enough currency and exchange it for the weapons with unique Halloween camouphlages and unlocked modules! Participate in the festive event and get unique prizes! Good luck!

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