Igromir 2013 Report

Last week was a busy one for us, attending the biggest games tradeshow in Russia, Igromir 2013. A total of more than 130,000 people attended the even over the 3 days that it was open to the public; a hugely entertaining and exciting way to spend a weekend.

Our booth was a hive of activity, not only could the public get some hands-on time with the Alpha version of Survarium but we had many other activities for them to take part in and challenge their fellow Survivors. The ever popular AK assemble/dissemble (against the clock) challenge was fantastic, challenging one another at various physical training tasks, for example, the largest number of push-ups and a race to see who can equip a gas mask in the shortest time. Overall a great time was had by everyone, public and Vostok Games staff. As if that wasn’t enough we were honoured that our project Survarium received two awards; “Best Debut at Igromir” and “Best Free 2 Play Shooter” a true honour!

Here are a collection of photos from the event. Our booth, some of the challenges the fans faced and other general shots. Only a small collection have been uploaded to the website but for the full album, check out www.facebook.com/survarium - Enjoy them!

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