Installing Survarium 0.50b Tomorrow

Starting at 10AM GMT tomorrow, October 31, the game servers will be temporarily unavailable due to the installation of Survarium 0.50b with the Halloween event! The expected downtime is about an hour. We will let you know as soon as the servers are back online, so you are able play the game. As usual, players with premium accounts affected by the downtime will be compensated for the length of maintenance.

We will publish the complete list of changes in the update tomorrow. Also read Survarium 0.50 change log in case you missed it!

Halloween in Survarium

  • The event lasts one week: from October 31 to November 7.
  • Complete missions during the event and receive special currency: pumpkins, spiders and skulls.
  • You can also find the currency in stashes you collect in Team Missions.
  • Gather enough currency and exchange it for the weapons with unique Halloween camouphlages and unlocked modules!
  • You can exchange the currency for Glock 17 "The Hallowed Night" (tier 4), H&K MP5 "Bloodlust" (tier 3) and TOZ-122 "Hunter" (tier 2).
  • For the first victory during the event you will get a magic Halloween Hat. Equip it to receive more currency for the missions!
  • Premium account also increases the number of pumpkins, spiders and skulls you receive for the missions.

Glock 17


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