Installing Survarium 0.59g Tomorrow

Starting at 8 AM GMT tomorrow, August 1, the game servers will be temporarily unavailable due to the installation of Survarium 0.59g. The expected downtime is about 2 hours. We will let you know as soon as the servers are back online, so you are able play the game. As usual, players with premium accounts affected by the downtime will be compensated for the length of maintenance.

Read the complete list of changes in the update below.

The List of Changes in Survarium 0.59g

August Ranked Season

  • The new Survarium Leagues Season commenced today and will last until August 31! Participate in ranking battles to earn the tokens and obtain unique weapons and equipment!
  • A weapon with a new camo will be added to the ranked rewards this month!
  • Your character needs to have tier 3 (or higher) equipment profile to participate. Players with tier 3, 4 and 5 equipment will be put in the same matches. The matchmaking uses Elo rating to balance the teams.
  • The following locations and game modes are available in this season:
  • Rudnya: Battery Retrieval, Research.
  • School: Team Deathmatch, Battery Retrieval, Research, Search and Destroy.
  • Vostok Radar Station: Team Deathmatch, Battery Retrieval, Research, Search and Destroy.
  • Chemical Plant: Battery Retrieval, Research.
  • Tarakanovsky Fort: Team Deathmatch, Battery Retrieval, Research.
  • Vector Laboratory: Team Deathmatch, Battery Retrieval, Research.
  • Cologne Bridge: Team Deathmatch, Battery Retrieval.
  • London: Team Deathmatch, Battery Retrieval, Research.
  • Abandoned base: Search and Destroy.
  • When losing a match and ranking stars, your rank may be lowered, but you will not lose ranks at rank 5 or below. Note: you can move down from rank 1.
  • When a season ends you receive tokens: a special league currency. The higher the rank you achieved during the season, the more tokens you are awarded.
  • If the ranking match search is disabled for you, open the Season League tab (the cup icon in the upper-right corner of the screen) and return to lobby or restart the game client.
  • Good luck in the ranking battles!

General changes

  • Now slowdown modifiers cannot increase character's speed (if the sum of modifiers is negative, the speed is not increased).

Weapons and Supplies

  • Smoke grenade is back. Fixed an issue with particles that made the visibility on the smoke border better than outside of the smoke.
  • AKMSU assault rifle added to the Treasure Hunt.
  • "Keeper Of The Sun" armored vest and pants are removed from the game shop.
  • "Tornado" energy drink now increases speed by +5% (instead of providing -5% to slowdown).


  • Vector Laboratory: in "Slaughter" mode windows on the second floor are open. Added passages through the central door of the two story building. Weapon boxes (in front of the central entrance to the building) replaced with a container.
  • Mamayev Kurgan: fixed issues allowing the players to see and shoot through certain objects.
  • Dangerous Knowledge: added subtitles for audio diaries and phrases where subtitles were missing.

User Interface

  • Added indication above the player character speaking to voice-chat.
  • Added pop-up descriptions for the following game modes: Team Missions, Tutorial, Training with Bots.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing the progress of daily logins to reset.
  • Player names containing "<" or ">" were displayed incorrectly in the game. These symbols were replaced with "-". All affected players received a voucher for a free name change.

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